Galactic Empire
Political information
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Head of State


Legislative branch

Imperial Senate[2]

Historical information
Formed from

Galactic Republic[3]

Date of dissolution

4 ABY[3]


The Galactic Empire was a galactic imperial government that replaced the Galactic Republic in the years prior to the Galactic Civil War. Led by an emperor, the Galactic Empire was opposed by the Rebel Alliance, which the Empire fought against during the Galactic Civil War. The end of the war saw the destruction of the Empire. The imperial government was replaced by the New Republic.

History Edit

Sometime between the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire came to power and replaced the Galactic Republic.[4] The government was ruled by the Emperor, who was also a Sith Lord.[1] The establishment of the Galactic Empire led to the destruction of the monastic Jedi Order.[3]

In the years that followed, the Empire consolidated its rule on a number of planets, including Alderaan where imperial banners hung from the planet's palace to remind people who ruled the galaxy.[5] Nevertheless, the Rebel Alliance was formed to counter the Empire’s rule, launching the Galactic Civil War. The war began prior to the Battle of Yavin, which was viewed as a major rebel turning point in the war effort due to the destruction of the Empire’s planet-destroying battle station. The war continued on until the Rebel Alliance was victorious in 4 ABY, replacing the Empire with the New Republic.[3]

Government Edit

The Galactic Empire was led by an emperor.[1] In addition to the emperor, however, was the Imperial Senate, the government's main legislative body.[2] The Imperial Senate replaced the previous Galactic Senate after the Empire replaced the Galactic Republic. There were a number of legislators in the Imperial Senate, including Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan.[4]


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