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First Cold War

First Hutt War

12,979 BBY


12,978 BBY


The galaxy


Hutt Empire declared the victor in the Treaty of Ithoria; advent of the Hutt Civil War and War of the Gods

Major battles

Battle of Iridonia, Battle of Corellia, Battle of Concord Dawn, Assault on the Jedi Temple, Showdown in the Hutt Palace, Coup on Nal Hutta, Battle of Bothawui, Battle of Denon, Attack on the Galactic Senate, Battle of Ando Prime, Battle of Yag'Dhul


Hutt Empire

Dark Jedi of the Bogan

"Our arrogance at the thought of everlasting peace made us feel invincible. Now we're forced to see if we're really as invincible as we thought."
Alcor Bac

The First Hutt War, sometimes referred to simply as the Hutt War, was a galaxy-spanning conflict that began in 12,979 BBY and lasted through 12,978 BBY between the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire. The Jedi Order and the Dark Jedi of the Bogan also fought during the war, allying themselves with the Republic and the Hutts, respectively. The war was a continuation of a period known as the Great Hutt Wars.

In the aftermath of the Alsakan Crisis, the Republic set out to expand into the Mid Rim, causing tension with the Hutts of the Outer Rim Territories who felt it was the prelude to an invasion. This tense standoff ultimately led to a peace conference on Iridonia, which resulted in an all-out battle that started the war. The war continued on for two years and saw a number of leadership changes on both sides.

By the end of 12,978 BBY, the Hutts had gained a significant amount of advantages against the Republic, despite a galaxy-wide trade embargo enforced by the Republic. The Galactic Senate had been decimated in a Hutt attack, and a number of Republic and Jedi forces were lost during the concurrent Battle of Ando Prime and Battle of Yag'Dhul. However, internal civil discord within the Empire directed towards Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai caused Tusa to propose a peace treaty that would end the war. The Republic agreed to the Hutt condition that the Hutts be declared the victor of the war and signed the treaty. The peace ultimately gave way to further conflict, and the Second Hutt War began in 12,973 BBY.


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First Hutt War
(12,979 BBY12,978 BBY)
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Battles of the First Hutt War
Iridonia · Corellia · Concord Dawn · Jedi Temple · Hutt Palace · Coup on Nal Hutta
Bothawui · Denon · Galactic Senate · Ando Prime · Yag'Dhul
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