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Esarra Till
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57 BBY[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]

Esarra Till was a Human female mercenary-turned-member of the Utapau Space Fighter Corps during the Invasion of Utapau, serving as the commanding officer of Bravo Squadron. She also served in the Veermok Resistance, the organized resistance movement that forcibly opposed the Trade Federation's subjugation of Utapau.


Esarra Till was a Human female born on Utapau in 57 BBY. She worked a mercenary for a number of years, but she eventually became disillusioned for what she perceived to be the corruption in the galaxy. Returning home to Utapau, Till enlisted in the Utapau Security Forces, becoming a member of the Utapau Space Fighter Corps where she rose in rank to become the commanding officer of Bravo Squadron. She believed that the job was going to be easy. However, the Trade Federation blockaded and subsequently invaded Utapau in 22 BBY, so she was called to active combat duty.[1]

During the Federation's occupation of Utapau, Till joined the Veermok Resistance, an organized resistance movement formed by Security Forces Lieutenant Chamberlyn and a number of members of the Utapau Advisory Council in order to forcibly oppose the Federation's subjugation. She served alongside Chamberlyn while resistance members escorted TC-14, a Federation protocol droid reprogrammed to gather information on the Federation, back to Federation territory. While on that assignment, she discovered a seriously injured Rune Haako, one of the Federation's leading executives, and was ordered by Chamberlyn to bring Haako back to the resistance headquarters for medical care. She vocally disagreed with the decision, but complied with the order nonetheless.[1]

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Despite outranking Chamberlyn, Till did not have any reservations about taking orders from the lieutenant. Nevertheless, she did not agree with Chamberlyn's order to heal Haako, as she felt that the Federation would not have extended the same treatment to resistance members. She complied with the order nonetheless.[1]


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