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Ophuchi Clan[2]

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"Only through salvation can the galaxy be put back onto the right track, a path of good and righteousness, but that path won't be traveled for many, many years. Someday, there will be a chosen one who will lead us into the light. Until then, I can only hope to help preserve the past so, one day, someone can protect the future."

Elias was the founder of the Ophuchi Clan, circa 12,978 BBY; believing himself to be a descendant of the ancient Order of the Jedi Bendu, Elias felt bringing together other Jedi Bendu descendants and creating the Ophuchi Clan was his destiny as ordained by the Force. Elias was born on Halm in 13,048 BBY and lived the life of a farmer for decades, and he inherited his family’s moisture farm once they died.

Having resigned himself to the life of a farmer, Elias remained on Halm for most of his adult life, until 12,988 BBY when he received a vision from the Force that he interpreted as telling him to seek out the remnants of the Order of the Jedi Bendu and bring them together into a new order. Elias learned more about his supposed heritage in the years that followed, during which time he determined that the desert world of Tatooine would be the new home for his people. Elias ultimately formed the Ophuchi Clan and became its first leader.


Elias was born on the desert world of Halm circa 13,048 BBY. His parents were poor moisture farmers, but his mother and father tried to give him the best upbringing that they could; Elias later recounted that what they lacked in commodity they made up for in love and devotion. He felt his parents instilled in him the values and commitment he would need throughout his life.[1]

Living as a moisture farmer, Elias worked side by side with his parents until they died, at which time he took over their farm and kept working on it. He remained on Halm until 12,988 BBY, when he discovered what he believed was his true destiny. He felt what he described as a "vision" or the "voice of God," though he was not sure what it was. Nevertheless, he could feel the Force flow through him as if it was speaking to him. He learned about the Order of the Jedi Bendu, an ancient order that, according to legends Elias claimed were covered up, predated the Jedi Order. He discovered that he was supposedly an descendant of the Jedi Bendu and chose to seek out and gather together other Jedi Bendu descendants.

Elias spent the next ten years searching the galaxy for signs of Jedi Bendu heritage. By the time of the Hutt War, he had only found around a dozen supposed descendants, but he held out hope that he would find more. Elias believed it was his duty to find his people a new home, which he planned to build on Tatooine after he claimed the Force led him there. He ultimately succeeded, becoming the first leader of the Ophuchi Clan.[2]


Elias' bloodline lived on for thousands of years. In the decades prior to the Invasion of Ondos, Elias' descendant, Darius, became the leader of the Ophuchi. After his death, Darius was succeeded by Sarus, who was tasked with leading the Ophuchi until Darius' daughter, Padmé, was old enough to assume leadership.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"As the prophet Michael said, the measure of a man can be found in his measure of devotion to those he cares for the most. Devotion is a double-edged sword."

Elias believed that it was his destiny to create the Ophuchi Clan. He felt that to do was in the interest of preserving the past and, ultimately, protecting the future. Before the Clan's creation, he remained committed to his goal of bringing the Jedi Bendu descendants together, feeling that establishing a new home on Tatooine was all that mattered. He also believed that it was the destiny of the Ophuchi to watch over the desert.[1]

He felt it was important not to lose perspective, which he believed being too devoted to his cause could do. In Elias' view, too much devotion could lead to fanaticism and, in turn, the same untold horrors that the fanaticism was meant to do away with;[1] thousands of years later, Annikin Skywalker accused Sarus of fanaticism after the Ophuchi leader raided a fortress on Tatooine and killed dozens of people, which Sarus claimed was in the interest of helping Annikin save the galaxy.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

While he was a farmer, Elias developed the strength of a laborer. His time away from the farm in the decade proceeding the Hutt War, combined with his overall lack of physical activity during that period, caused his strength to atrophy, and his body became frailer than it had been.[1]

By the time of the Hutt War, when Elias was an older man, he felt there was very little he could do physically. The only weapon he carried was a dagger that had been passed on through the generations in his family. He believed his true strength was that of his mind and intellect and that they were some of the few things that would help keep him alive and accomplish his goals.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"That right there, was a good read."
Constantine reacts to the Elias role-playing profile on TheStarWarsRP.Com[src]

Elias was created by author Brandon Rhea for the backstory of the Ophuchi Clan. The character was first mentioned in a Journal of the Whills quote that opens the eleventh chapter of Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One.[2] Rhea later decided to introduce the Ophuchi Clan as an independent faction on TheStarWarsRP.Com role-playing site, though not until the formation of the Clan was first role-played.[1] Rhea remarked that he thought it would be "nice to see how the Clan was before Sarus became such a fanatic,"[4] referencing the events of The Chosen One.[2]

Rhea's fellow role-players responded positively to the idea of bringing the Ophuchi onto the website. There were a number of jokes about killing Elias in the role-play, thus preventing the Alternative Saga from ever happening, though most people who replied to the profile expressed interest in the story.[1] Rhea later posted a discussion thread where role-players could discuss creating Ophuchi characters and ask questions about the future Ophuchi-related role-plays.[5]



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