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Slaughtering of thousands of sand people by the Hutt military, reducing the sand people attacks against planetary settlements yet increasing the intensity of those that still occurred[2]


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"A battle was fought there, a long time ago, during the Dune Sea War."
Michael Lars references a historical battleground[src]

The Dune Sea War was an armed conflict fought in the Dune Sea of Tatooine between the sand people and the military forces of the Hutt Lords. The war ended with the slaughtering of thousands of sand people by the military.


Sometime prior to 122 BBY, when the forces of the Hutt Lords took control of Tatooine, numerous settlements were being built on the desert planet. During this time, the sand people, semi-sentient beings who lived in the desert, attacked numerous minor towns and settlements. As the planet began to give rise to cities, however, the sand people began to attack larger targets. Such larger settlements included Anchorhead Station, whose city-surrounding walls were built to repel sand people incursions.[2]

Fed up by the constant attacks, the Hutt military launched a campaign against the sand people, sparking the Dune Sea War. The military won a tactical victory in the conflict and slaughtered thousands of sand people, though the sand people themselves did not cease their attacks thereafter.[2]


In spite of their dwindling numbers, even as of 22 BBY, the sand people continued to attack outposts and settlements. Their resolve in launching attacks was only emboldened by their losses against the military, whereas the military had believed their war would cause the sand people to stop fighting.[2]

Historical battleground sites remained intact as of 22 BBY. One was located near the Eastern Dune Sea, which Michael Lars entered to avoid disrupting one such site, only to be attacked by a band of sand people.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Dune Sea War was a conflict created by Brandon Rhea for his novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One. The war is referenced as part of the backstory of the novel.[2]


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