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Alternative Star Wars Saga

Disciple is an upcoming Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction novel slated to be written by Brent Krajewski. The novel will be loosely based on the first two stories of the canon Jedi Apprentice series, and will explore the beginning of the training of Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi along with his teacher, Jedi Master Jard Dooku. Other characters involved will be Xanatos, a former apprentice of Dooku’s who has turned to the dark side of the Force, and Jedi Padawan Bruck Chun.

Currently in pre-production, the novel is a prequel to the novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One written by author Brandon Rhea, and it is set during the canonical Rise of the Empire era. Because it is in the Alternative Star Wars Saga, however, it only belongs to Alternative Saga canon as opposed to Star Wars canon. A release date for the novel has not yet been set, although it has been discussed that it will either be released all at once or in parts upon its completion.


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In early 2009, Alternative Star Wars Saga co-founder and author Brandon Rhea approached Brent Krajewski, whom he knows as an administrator on TheStarWarsRP.Com, about writing a novel in the Alternative Saga. Rhea offered him two choices, although Krajewski rejected one of them. The novel he chose is based on the beginning of the master-apprentice relationship of Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, both of whom are characters in the ongoing novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One by Brandon Rhea. A release date for the novel has not yet been set. Reaction to the novel’s announcement has, so far, been met with praise and anticipation.[1]

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