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Rise of the Empire era[1]

"I can barely stand up to Dirk and Lorn, the two biggest idiots in the history of idiots."
Michael Lars[src]

Dirk was a male Human citizen of Anchorhead Station as of 22 BBY. He was the son of a high ranking officer in the Hutt military, as well as the brother of Lorn.


"Look out, Joshy. Sleemo here's gonna" *hic* "hit you!"
—Dirk, just before the fight with Michael Lars[src]

Dirk was born the son of a high ranking officer in the Hutt military and, along with his brother Lorn, grew up in Anchorhead Station on Tatooine. There, they befriended Joshua Banai, who became a soldier in the military.[1]

By virtue of his father's position, Dirk lived a privileged life in Anchorhead. His father often supplied him, Lorn, and Banai with illegal alcohol, which the Hutt Lords had imposed a prohibition of on Tatooine. In spite of its illegality, Dirk would still be seen drunk in public.[1]

One such occasion when Dirk, Lorn, and Banai had been drinking in public was in 22 BBY. They confronted Michael Lars in the Yarga Cantina, where they goaded him into attacking them. Once he did, Dirk and Lorn were able to hold him down while Banai assaulted him, until the fight was broken up by Banai's girlfriend, Sara Jade.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You think Dirk and Lorn are smarter and better than you are? They’re idiots."
Sara Jade[src]

Because of his father's position on Tatooine, Dirk lived an entitled life, believing that he was above others in stature. This allowed him to break laws that others would not have been able to, such as drinking on a planet where alcohol was prohibited. His general personality and public persona also led others, such as Michael Lars and Sara Jade, to label him an idiot.[1]


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