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"It only takes one to start a revolution. Perhaps that's why I'm here. For change."
―Denis Holand[src]

Denis Holand was the Galactic Senator of Corellia from 13,000 BBY to 12,999 BBY. He grew up as a poor farmer on Corellia, during which time he began to develop his political views in the interest of improving the quality of life for the average person.

Following the resignation of Senator Judah Zaren, Holand was elected to serve in the Galactic Senate. He resigned from office the next year after being falsely accused of having an affair with two underage prostitutes. The public later learned that the evidence was fabricated by Corellian Prime Minister Anthoni Berethro Salandra so Salandra could appoint himself Galactic Senator. Holand chose not to return to politics and died on Corellia in 12,953 BBY.


Early life[]

"I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for him!"
Senator Denis Holand, speaking about his father[src]

Denis Holand was born on Corellia in 13,054 BBY. His father was a poor farmer, and the family was able to grow very little in order to earn a living. Holand would sometimes have to resort to beginning for money on the streets of Corellia. As Holand grew older, he came to develop political aspirations in order to help make life easier for people. He ultimately chose to pursue a career in politics.[1]

Galactic Senate[]

In 13,000 BBY, after the resignation of Corellian Senator Judah Zaren, Holand announced his candidacy for the Galactic Senate. As he was running for office, he became caught up in a scandal where he admitted that he had an affair with a woman who was not his wife. Despite the controversy, Holand was elected Senator of Corellia in a landslide.[1]

Holand proved to be a conservative politician, but he favored compromise on difficult decisions as he believed it was the only way for politicians with differing views to effectively govern. Having taken office in the beginning of the Alsakan Crisis, Holand hoped to prevent the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union from escalating, but he felt prepared to do what was necessary in order to preserve the Republic.[1]

In 12,999 BBY, Holand was accused of having a sexual relationship with two underage prostitutes. Although unknown to the public, the evidence was fabricated by Anthoni Berethro Salandra, Prime Minister of the Corellian System, in order to force Holand out of office so Salandra could assume the role; Salandra's goal was to use his position to announce that the Corellian system would secede from the Republic. Because of Holand's previous admission of an affair, the public believed the claims, prompting the Senator to resign from office.[2]

Post-politics and death[]

In 12,997 BBY, after Corellia's failed attempt at secession and its return to the Republic, it was revealed to the public that Salandra, who resigned from office in public disgrace, had fabricated the evidence against Holand to aide in the Corellian secession. This publicly vindicated Holand on Corellia and throughout the Republic.[2]

Despite no longer living in disgrace, Holand chose not to return to politics. He lived out the remainder of his life on his family's farm, where he died in 12,953 BBY.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"If you asked my wife, she'd probably tell you I'm stubborn as Hell! And I won't deny it, either!"
―Denis Holand[src]

Holand was a political conservative who stated, at the beginning of his Senatorial career, that he expected to have a mostly conservative voting record. Despite having a clear political philosophy, he favored bipartisanship and compromise, believing that nothing could be accomplished by politicians without compromise. If he was absolutely sure if he was right, however, then he would fight to win, and he acknowledged that he could be stubborn if he felt he was correct.[1]

Having lived in poverty as a child, Holand grew to believe that politicians should come from less fortunate backwards. He felt that it not only built character, but that politicians could not properly represent their people if they did not share the same experiences that their people had. This led him to develop his political philosophies around a desire to improve the quality of life for the people he represented.[1]

Despite his belief that politicians should have strong character, he openly admitted to having an affair with a woman who was not his wife while campaigning for the Galactic Senate. However, he believed that his lack of denial and quick admission showed that, despite his actions, he showed that he could take responsibility for his mistakes.[1] This scandal was later exploited by Prime Minister Salandra when Salandra fabricated evidence about a second inappropriate sexual relationship, though Holand was cleared of any wrongdoing.[2]

It was his desire to improve people's lives that made him feel strongly about the preservation and security of the Galactic Republic. During the Alsakan Crisis, he found himself wanting the galaxy to be at peace, knowing that political tension and war caused people to live in fear, but he also refused to take disregard any option, including continuing the war against the Alsakan Union, when dealing with the crisis.[1]

Holand felt that there were little or no new ideas to be brought forth for Republic policies, as he believed that the Senate had entertained every idea that could be thought of. He did not believe he could bring any new ideas to the Senate, but he did hope to get them further than they had before and to affect positive change for the people of the Republic.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Denis Holand was a role-playing character during the third timeline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. He was created by role-player and former administrator Aaron Matney, though the character was never role-played.[1] On March 15, 2011, author Brandon Rhea chose actor Denis Quaid to portray the character.[3]



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