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Deacon Darklighter
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75 BBY[1]

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Hutt Cartel[2]

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Rise of the Empire era[2]

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Louis Ferreira[2]

"There's a republic out there whose history is one long act of rebellion. Who are we to be any different?"
—Deacon Darklighter[src]

Deacon Darklighter, nicknamed Huff, was a Colonel in the service of the Hutt Cartel as of 22 BBY. He was secretly plotting a rebellion in an attempt to overthrow the Hutts from Tatooine.


Deacon "Huff" Darklighter rose through the ranks of the Hutt Cartel to become a Colonel. In that capacity, he was charged with being the political and military leader in Anchorhead Station, overseeing imports and exports from the spaceport as well as the shopkeepers and stand owners who operated throughout the streets of the city. He was married to Malora Darklighter with whom he had a son, Biggs Darklighter.[2]

Darklighter used his position of power as a means of infiltration, as he was secretly attempting to plot a rebellion in order to bring about just reforms and, if possible, overthrow the Hutt Cartel on Tatooine. He hoped that Owen Lars and Michael Lars, the sons of Deacon's friend Luke Lars, would one day join in his rebellion.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Deacon Darklighter is a character created by Brandon Rhea for the novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, and he was first announced in a blog by Rhea on April 14, 2011.[2]

The character, portrayed by actor Louis Ferreira from Stargate Universe,[3] is based on the canon Huff Darklighter, who first appeared in X-wing Rogue Squadron: Battleground: Tatooine.[4] Like in The Chosen One,[2] the character was the father of Biggs Darklighter,[4] who appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as a rebel pilot and friend of Luke Skywalker.[5]


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