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13,000 BBY[1]

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Alsakan Union[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

"Shalharra reign forever."
―Dassa, just before setting off a bomb in front of the Jedi Enclave[src]

Dassa was the co-pilot of the vessel that carried Alsakan Vicar Lharra to Ossus for a diplomatic meeting with Jedi Grandmaster Banik Kelrada during the Alsakan Crisis.[1]

During the meeting, Kelrada was able to convince Lharra to use her influence to end the war against the Galactic Republic. The Vicar's aides refused to allow the war effort to end, as their religious beliefs dictated that their mission continue, so they poisoned the Vicar's food to prevent her from ending the war. After Lharra died, Dassa confronted Kelrada, believing that the Grandmaster was responsible for the Vicar's death, and attempted to attack him. He was pushed away by Kelrada's use of the Force, however, and the Grandmaster escaped. In response, Dassa activated explosives attached to his chest, killing himself in a suicide bombing against the Jedi Enclave.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dassus was created by role-player Susan "Solus" Donnam on TheStarWarsRP.Com for the events of a thread called "Meeting the Vicar," role-played from April 30 to June 22, 2008. The thread was the only one in which Dassus appeared.[1]


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