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1,026 BBY (Apatros)[1]


980 BBY (Ambria)[2]

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"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it."
—Darth Bane[src]

Darth Bane, born Dessel on Apatros in 1,026, was the Sith'ari and the Dark Lord of the Sith who founded the Order of the Sith Lords and instituted the Rule of Two in the aftermath of the New Sith Wars. He was raised a poor miner on Apatros, but he ultimately fled the world following his killing of a Galactic Republic officer and joined the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. He began as a foot soldier until his Force-sensitivity was recognized, so he was taken to the Sith Academy on Korriban and trained in the dark side of the Force.

Bane lost his faith in the dark side, but he eventually regained it—despite losing trust in the Brotherhood, which he saw as a flawed organization. Bane deserted the Brotherhood and studied the holocrons of Darth Revan on Lehon, which Bane used to begin planning his own Sith Order under the Rule of Two. After the Brotherhood destroyed itself using a thought bomb, Bane was the sole surviving Sith Lord, and he created the Order of the Sith Lords and took on an apprentice named Darth Zannah.

Ten years later, the Jedi Order learned of Bane’s existence and sent a group of Jedi to kill both him and Zannah. The Sith defeated the Jedi forces, but they managed to deceive the Jedi Order into believing that the two Sith, and thus the Sith as a whole, had been destroyed. In 980 BBY, Bane attempted to transfer his essence into a new body, as he believed that Zannah was not strong enough to overthrow him and become the leader of the Sith. Nevertheless, Zannah did ultimately kill her former master and became Dark Lord of the Sith. Bane’s legacy, and his Sith Order, lived on until at least 22 BBY.


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