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Infinite Empire[1]


25,732 BBY[2]

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16.51 centimeters[2]

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Before the Republic era[1]


The darksphere was a device created by the Infinite Empire that enabled a user to telepathically share and receive information from the device. The darksphere was created for a project that involved the study of Force-sensitive bloodlines, and it was lost when the project was abandoned.

The device was later re-discovered by Jedi Padawans Kel-Ma, Dinara Kheldrommas, and Adena Kheldrommas. After Dinara's death and the murder of Kel-Ma, the latter at Adena's hand, Adena tapped into the full power of the sphere and formed the Cult of the Sphere. Having fallen to the dark side of the Force, Adena and the Cult were tracked down by a group of Jedi and Dark Jedi. The Cult was destroyed, and Adena was captured and imprisoned in a hyperspace stasis pod. Mira Baatch, Adena's mother, took the device and hid it away so no one else would become corrupted by it.


The darksphere was a 16.51 centimeter-wide sphere that was used for data recording by Rakatan scientists who were studying the nature of the Force.[2] Like other Rakatan technology, such as the Star Forge,[3] the darksphere was created with and powered by dark side energies.[2]

In order to store information, the device functioned by recording knowledge directly from the mind of an individual who used the darksphere. Likewise, it would then project that recording into the minds of others who used it. This allowed the Rakata to ensure that everyone studying the Force had the same knowledge as their fellow scientists, allowing for a seamless sharing of knowledge; it also allowed for quicker advancement of the project without each researcher needing to be spend time learning what others had discovered.[2]

A person's ability to use the device and gain its knowledge was dependent on their connectivity to the Force and their own level of knowledge and wisdom. The more a person understood different philosophies, for example, the more they could tap into the knowledge and power of the sphere. This was particularly true for those who were following the dark side, as darker emotions acted as a battery for the device.[1]


Infinite EmpireEdit

The darksphere was created by the Infinite Empire around the time that the Star Forge was constructed. It resulted from a project being led by the Rakatan scientist Bhikkhu Bo, who was studying captured Je'daii to determine how their use of the Force differed from that of the Rakata. The goal of the project was to breed and weaponize the strongst Je'daii for use by the Infinite Empire.[1]

The darksphere was created in order to aid in the research process. By creating telepathic connections between the device and its users, the reesarch into the project was known to all of its members. The darksphere continued to be used until the project ended; weaponized research subjects rose up against the Rakata, and the darksphere was lost in that uprising.[1]

Cult of the SphereEdit

Hidden awayEdit

Adena's actions led Mira to the realization that the darksphere was too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands again. As Adena was being sentenced, Mira took the darksphere and attempted to destroy it, fearing that others would one day try to harness its dark side power. The power of the sphere, however, convinced Mira to simply hide it away. It was the will of the sphere that it be found again, but Mira hoped that its location would remain secret.[1]

After she hid it, Mira formed the Wardens, who studied what she learned from the sphere and swore to protect those secrets, and the location of the sphere, from the galaxy so they did not fall into the wrong hands. The Wardens existed for thousands of years after their founding, and they passed down what they knew from one generation to the next.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The darksphere was a device created by role-player Adena McDargh as part of the storyline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. It was mentioned in the website's first timeline, Great Territorial War, but never utilized. It was again referenced in Great Hutt Wars, though it was not actively introduced on the website until Star Wars Legacies.[2] It was later adopted by Brandon Rhea as part of the backstory of the Alternative Star Wars Saga.


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