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The Dark Jedi Code was the guiding principle of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, a Dark Jedi sect during the Hutt War between the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire in 12,979 BBY. The code was written by the first Bogan, the original leader of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan.


"No peace, only suffering.
No knowledge, only instinct.
No serenity, only passion.
No harmony, only chaos.
No life, only death.
―The Dark Jedi Code, as written by the first Bogan[src]

Centered around the philosophies of chaos and death in the universe, the code of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan was made up of five tenets, each with its own explanation and philosophy centered around the core Dark Jedi beliefs. The first tenet stated that all life was suffering, and until an individual accepted that they would never understand anything as suffering was used to motivate and anger individuals. The second tenet was a criticism of the Jedi Order, one that said that the Jedi had been plagued by indecisiveness since the Order’s foundation. The Dark Jedi believed that the Jedi failed to react due to over-contemplation, as opposed to the Dark Jedi who preferred to act swiftly instead of waiting for guidance from the Force.[1]

The third tenet was also a criticism of Jedi beliefs. The Dark Jedi believed that individuals could not become content and serene, as sentient beings required emotion and passion that could not be repressed. The Dark Jedi required their members to use their emotions to fuel their power and guide their actions, which they stated was the opposite of the Jedi. One of the reasons that serenity could not be reached, as stated in the fourth tenet, was that there was no will of the Force and that the universe was chaotic. The Dark Jedi believed that individuals were animalistic creatures driven by instinct, something that should not have been avoided but rather used to further one’s power.[1]

The fifth and final tenet in the code spoke of death, which the Dark Jedi believed was part of everything and could not be avoided. Despite saying that there is no death, the Dark Jedi also believed that there was no life and that they were meaningless creatures in a meaningless universe. The goal of a Dark Jedi was to live well or die swiftly without any thoughts about an afterlife, as they did not believe that there was an afterlife to reward those who were pure of heart.[1]


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