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Dark Council
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Sith Emperor[1]


Dromund Kaas[1]

Historical information

c. 4,980 BBY[1]


3,956 BBY[1]

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Old Republic era[1]


True Sith Empire[1]

"With us, you are ruler of all the Sith, answerable only to the Emperor himself."
Darth Marr, speaking to Lord Kallig[src]

The Dark Council was the governing body of the True Sith Empire beginning in 3,653 BBY. Members of the Council were called Dark Lords of the Sith and held the title of Darth. Although the Empire was formally ruled by the Sith Emperor, many aspects of the day-to-day ruling of the Empire were done by the Dark Council.


The Council was first formed in 4,904 BBY after the remnants of the First Sith Empire began to reform and rebuild into the True Sith. During that time, the Sith Emperor informed the Empire of his vision to not only rebuild the Empire, but also to one day launch a new war against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. He did not wish to run the daily affairs of the Empire, however, and gave that task to the Dark Council.[1]

Nearly a millennium later, a number of Dark Councilors opposed the resumption of war with the Republic out of fear that the Jedi would defeat the Sith. They planned to assassinate the Emperor, but the plot was exposed by Lord Scourge and the entire Dark Council was killed by the Emperor. The dead Council members were replaced by those who favored launching a war against the Republic.[1]

The Dark Council remained in power throughout the Great Galactic War. After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, the Emperor further withdrew from the affairs of the Empire to pursue his own goals, and primary ruling power was left to the Dark Council. The assimilation of territory gained during the war was overseen by the Dark Council.[2]


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