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Dai Bendu temple
General information

12,989 BBY[1]


Andobi Mountains, Ando Prime[1]


Order of Dai Bendu[1]


Order of Dai Bendu[1]

The Dai Bendu temple was a monastery for members of the Order of Dai Bendu in the Andobi Mountains of Ando Prime. It was destroyed in 12,989 BBY by the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, who built the Bogan Temple atop its ruins.


In the years after the Force Wars, Jedi Master Calid Baatch spent time with the Dai Bendu monks who resided in the temple. During his stay, he learned of the Dai Bendu philiosophies and the culture of the Dai Bendu monks.[2] A depiction of Calid was drawn into the temple, and remained there for many years.[3]


The Dark Jedi arrived on Ando Prime in 12,989 BBY.

The temple remained in the care of the Dai Bendu monks for thousands of years. In 12,989 BBY, the Dark Jedi of the Bogan left the previous home of Conscio and chose to settle on Ando Prime, where they would plot to destroy the Jedi Order from the icy wasteland. When they arrived, the Bogan discovered the Dai Bendu temple in the mountains. They slaughtered the monks and raised the temple, before building their own temple atop the ruins of the Dai Bendu.[1]

The Bogan were discovered during the First Hutt War, and the was destroyed during the Battle of Ando Prime when the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic assasulted the planet.[4] After the battle, Jedi Master Sal-Devra Quithmaren discovered the Dai Bendu ruins, including the depiction of Calid Baatch.[3]


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