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Conclave on Ossus

Alsakan Crisis[1]


13,000 BBY[1]


Jedi Monastery, Ossus[1]

Affiliations involved

Jedi Order[1]


The Conclave on Ossus was a convocation of the Jedi Order in 13,000 BBY, in which Jedi gathered on Ossus to discuss how the Order would proceed in the aftermath of the assassination of the Alsakan Vicar Lharra. Specifically, Jedi Grandmaster Banik Kelrada posed the question of whether or not the Jedi Order would ally and fight for the Galactic Republic during the Alsakan Crisis.[1] During the meeting, Jedi Knight Sarina Lightell manipulated Grandmaster Kelrada with dark side energies,[3] causing him to brand Jedi Master Edo Tesu a traitor and lash out at him. Kelrada placed Tesu under arrest and ended the convocation.[1]

In the hours that followed, Lightell murdered Tesu—her husband—and hung his body in the courtyard where the conclave had taken place, making it appear that Kelrada had committed the act. Kelrada was accused of murder and fled Ossus;[4] a number of Jedi also left the order, and the schism resulted in the formation of the Ospion Guardians. Twenty years later, during the Hutt War, the Ospion had re-organized themselves into the Dark Jedi of the Bogan and attacked the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, causing a war between the two factions.[2]


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