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The Clouded Dawn was a Tanoor-class warship in the service of the Galactic Republic during the Alsakan Crisis and the Hutt War. Following the Jedi Conclave on Ossus, an event that sparked a schism in the Jedi Order, a number of Jedi who had left the Order assembled on the Clouded Dawn for a meeting after Sarina Lightell, a Jedi Knight who had left the Order during the schism, convinced the vessel's commanders to let her people use it. It was aboard this vessel that the Ospion Guardians, which later reorganized into the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, were formed.[1] The Clouded Dawn was later used to transport Lightell and other members of the Ospion to Alderaan, where the Ospion held a meeting with Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor about forming an alliance with the Republic.[2]

For the next twenty years, the Clouded Dawn continued to serve the Republic, including during the Hutt War. In 12,979 BBY, the vessel was used to transport Alcor Bac, former Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, to the Jedi Order's temple on Ossus.[3]


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