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51 BBY[1]

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Approx. two meters[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]

"We have a job to do, so let's just get it done. It doesn't matter who's in charge."

Chamberlyn was a Human male lieutenant in the Utapau Security Forces and a member of the Veermok Resistance, a rebel group opposed to the Trade Federation shipping cartel's occupation of Utapau during the invasion of the planet in 22 BBY. Born on Utapau in 51 BBY, Chamberlyn was educated at a university, where he wrote a thesis on Jonathan Bac, the first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He later joined the Utapau Security Forces and lost his eye during a training incident.

After the Trade Federation invaded Utapau due to the planet’s support of the Republic Anti-Slavery Law, a law that Chamberlyn supported, he and a number of politicians from Queen Sabé Arcadia's Advisory Council joined together and formed the Veermok Resistance to forcibly oppose the Federation’s occupation. During the Rebellion in Ogana, Chamberlyn’s men discovered the Federation protocol droid TC-14 wandering the streets and captured it. Chamberlyn reprogrammed the droid to gather information on the Federation. Chamberlyn and his forces located an injured Rune Haako, a Federation executive, while escorting TC-14 back to Federation territory, so Chamberlyn had his men bring Haako to the resistance headquarters to heal him. Chamberlyn later confronted the Neimoidian, who did not understand why Chamberlyn would aide an enemy commander.


Early life[]

Chamberlyn was a Human male born on Utapau in 51 BBY. When he was old enough, he attended a university where he wrote a thesis on Jonathan Bac, the first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Chamberlyn became an admirer of Bac's, specifically the qualities that Bac and other politicians of the time brought to their leadership roles. Later, Chamberlyn joined the Utapau Security Forces sometime prior to the Invasion of Utapau, a conflict between Utapau and the Trade Federation shipping cartel in 22 BBY. Chamberlyn's eye was injured during a training accident, requiring him to wear an eye patch.[1]


In 23 BBY, the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic passed the Republic Anti-Slavery Law, forbidding Republic companies from using slave workers while operating outside Republic jurisdiction. Utapau's monarch, Queen Sabé Arcadia, was one of the principal supporters of the bill's passing. The Trade Federation was outraged that the bill passed, as it directly impacted the corporation's bottom line. In an attempt to force the Republic to overturn the law, the Federation blockaded and, after one month of failed negotiations between Utapau and the Federation, subsequently invaded Utapau in 22 BBY. The Federation solidified their occupation pf most of the planet during the Battle of Ogana, during which time the Federation occupied the capital city of Ogana. This occupation caused Queen Arcadia, along with her advisers and head of security Panaka, to flee the planet in the hopes of reaching the safety of Coruscant, the capital of the Republic.[1]

In the days that followed, Chamberlyn and members of the Utapau Advisory Council, a group of advisers to Queen Arcadia that included Ogana Governor Sio Bibble, political and economic adviser Horace Vanicl, and Chief Architect Hugo Eckener, came together and began discussing the formation of an insurgent movement against the Federation. The group decided that, should it be formed, it would be called the Veermok Resistance, named after the non-sentient veermok that lived on Utapau. Around that same time, Chamberlyn's men captured TC-14, a Federation protocol droid and personal assistant to Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, while it was wandering the streets of Ogana. Chamberlyn reprogrammed the droid to gather information for the resistance once it was placed back into the Federation’s hands.[1]

Chamberlyn and the others held another meeting on a night when many of the city’s citizens were starting to rebel against the Federation, officially beginning the Rebellion in Ogana. During the meeting, Chamberlyn briefed the others on his plan for using TC-14 to gather information, which they approved. With their approval, Chamberlyn declared that the Veermok Resistance had officially been born.[1]

After reprogramming the protocol droid, Chamberlyn and a number of his officers, including Bravo Squadron leader Esarra Till, escorted the droid back to the perimeter of the most secure area of Federation territory in Ogana. After Federation forces intercepted the droid, Chamberlyn and Till discovered a severely injured Rune Haako, one of Gunray's executives, lying in the streets. Chamberlyn ordered Till to bring Haako to the resistance headquarters, but she objected. Chamberlyn, however, wanted to treat his enemies better than he believed they would treat him, so he demanded that the order be followed.[2]

Once Haako was healed by the resistance, Chamberlyn decided to keep Haako as a prisoner at the headquarters. He relayed this to Haako after the Neimoidian awoke. Haako did not understand why Chamberlyn would save an enemy’s life, which Chamberlyn had expected due to his belief that the Neimoidians did not value morality as highly as he did.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Chamberlyn was regarded by some, such as Governor Sio Bibble, as having a collected personality, being someone who was straight-laced and composed in his demeanor. One of the only times Bibble saw him in a non-composed state was during the meeting that officially began the Veermok Resistance, indicating to the governor that the occupation of Utapau was taking its toll even on the most collected of people. Despite his outward appearance during the Rebellion in Ogana, Chamberlyn did not feel any regrets over the occupation, as he felt that there was nothing he as a member of the Utapau Security Forces could have done to prevent it.[1]

Although he associated himself with the Advisory Council for the purposes of the resistance, Chamberlyn had a low opinion of politicians. He felt they were all partisan hacks, and he cared very little about them or their thoughts on any matter. His opinion of politicians from the early days of the Republic, however, was somewhat different, as he was an admirer of Jonathan Bac. Chamberlyn was known to express the belief that Bac was one of the greatest men who had ever lived, as the first Supreme Chancellor had laid the foundation of the Republic nearly twenty-five thousand years earlier.[1]

Talents and abilities[]

Sometime prior to the Rebellion in Ogana, Chamberlyn developed a skill for reprogramming droids, specifically protocol droids. He used this skill when he reprogrammed the Federation protocol droid TC-14 to gather information for the Veermok Resistance.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chamberlyn is an alternate universe version of the Star Wars canon character of the same name, who had a brief appearance in the canon film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as a member of the Naboo Royal Security Forces.[3] The alternate universe version was developed by author Brandon Rhea for use in his novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, a fan fiction novel set in the Alternative Star Wars Saga series.[4] He is portrayed by actor Mike Dopud, who has appeared in such television shows as Smallville and all three Stargate shows.[5]


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