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Calid Baatch was a Human male member of the Je'daii Order who fought in the Force Wars as a follower of the Ashla. When the war ended and the Jedi Order was founded out of the Je'daii, Baatch became one of the earliest Jedi Masters and began to explore the galaxy in search of wisdom and enlightenment. His many adventures led to fame on his homeworld of Alderaan and the rise of House Baatch as a prominent noble house.

After many years of exploration, Baatch married Sohna Sanmuriko and raised a family, but he returned to space-faring after being unable to fully settle into a family life. He returned to Alderaan to lead his family during the House Wars, where House Baatch faced many rival houses while vying for ascendency to the world’s vacant throne. Along with his daughter Mira Baatch, he later fought against his granddaughter Adena, Mira’s daughter, when she fell to the dark side of the Force and created the Cult of the Sphere.

Adena was beaten on Tatooine by Calid and Mira. She was imprisoned in a hyperspace sleep chamber, though her actions had done significant damage to House Baatch’s stature on Alderaan. In spite of Calid’s efforts to save it, House Baatch collapsed. His legacy, however, lived on for thousands of years; during the First Hutt War, Jedi Master Sal-Devra Quithmaren discovered a drawing of Calid beneath the ruins of a Dai Bendu temple on Ando Prime. Talzea Keldroma, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the same war, was a descendent of Calid.


Early life and adventures[]

Calid Baatch was born on Alderaan. Around the time of the Force Wars, he became a member of the Je'daii Order of Tython and fought in the war on the side of the followers of the Ashla. During the Battle of the Wellspring, the followers of the Bogan ambushed a vital Je'daii Ashla supply line not far from the main Ashla temple. The ambush was thwarted, however, by Baatch and other Ashla followers. This battle was one of a number that ultimately tipped the war in favor of the Je’daii Ashla, leading to the defeat of the Je'daii Bogan.[1]

Oolas, one of Calid's companions.

When the war ended, the Je'daii Ashla gained philosophical dominance over the Order and asserted that their views of the Force were correct. Giving up the previous Je'daii ideals of finding balance between the two sides of the Force, the Je'daii Ashla formed the Jedi Order and pledged to serve the light side of the Force. Calid became one of the earliest Jedi Masters, though he did not remain on Tython. He ventured out into the galaxy, traveling with friends and companions such as Oolas, Sohna Sanmuriko, and Xetata. Together, they explored the galaxy and learned from its people. This became a quest for enlightenment, and they learned a number of philosophies from different species and groups across the galaxy.[1]

One of the missions they were on took them to Ryloth. Calid and his companions encountered a terrorist group that wanted to claim the planet’s wealth of resources. To do that, the terrorists attempted to spread an artificial plague throughout the population of Twi'leks, the planet’s native species. Calid and the others were able to stop the plague, sparing the Twi’leks from its effects. With the Twi’leks not left defenseless, the terrorist group was prevented from stealing Ryloth’s resources.[1]

Between Ryloth and his other missions across the galaxy, Calid became well-known and respected on his native Alderaan. His family, House Baatch, was elevated to noble status within the aristocratic society as a result of the prestige he earned. As House Baatch became more prominent, Calid attempted to settle down and raise a family. He married Sohna and, together, they had four children: daughters Mira and Lassia, and sons Conrad and Borrin.[1]

As the years went on, Calid found himself unable to remain settled, instead yearning to head back into the galaxy and continue his search for knowledge and wisdom. He left Alderaan again and continued his exploration. At one point, he briefly settled in a Dai Bendu village on Ando Prime, where he studied the ways of the Dai Bendu monks. Mira and Conrad later followed him on his travels when they were old enough. Mira stayed with him the most, and she learned from him and the various cultures with which they interacted.[1]

Damage to House Baatch[]

Mira led House Baatch in Calid's absence.

The throne of Alderaan became vacant during Calid’s travels, and the resulting attempts of the noble houses to take power for themselves sparked the House Wars. The strongest noble families fought one another as each attempted to ascend to the throne. Many people on Alderaan believed that House Baatch’s recognition and prestige would lead it to being the dominant house and rise to the throne. This led to several attacks against House Baatch by House Panteer and the assassins of House Rist, among others. For the first time, Calid faced the prospect that his family’s house could fall.[1]

Calid remained on his travels across the galaxy during the earliest periods of the war, so Mira returned to Alderaan to lead House Baatch. During her reign, she fell in love with Khem Kheldrommas from the lesser House Kheldrommas, which was aligned with House Baatch. Complicating the situation, in which public opinion reflected negatively upon Mira’s actions, was the announcement that Mira had become pregnant out of wedlock. With public opinion increasingly turning against his family, Calid returned to Alderaan to lead House Baatch and contend with the House Wars, while Mira retreated to the mountains to marry Khem and raise her family.[1]

Mira and Khem gave Calid three grandchildren: a grandson named Khevran, and two granddaughters named Adena and Dinara. During their childhood, Calid discovered that Adena and Dinara had an affinity for the Force. At his suggestion, they were sent to become part of the Jedi Order, where they were trained as Jedi by Master Oolas.[1]

Fall of House Baatch[]

The darksphere.

During their training, Adena and Dinara befriended a fellow student named Kel-Ma, and, together, the group discovered an ancient Rakatan device known as the darksphere; this device was powered by the dark side of the Force and was able to store and receive information telepathically. After the group decided to keep their discovery a secret, Calid and other Jedi elders sent Dinara on a mission to convince settlers to leave their dying world. The situation ended in violence, however, and Dinara was killed. Adena blamed Calid and the other Jedi elders for putting her sister in a situation that led to her death.[1]

Grieving for Dinara’s death, Kel-Ma activated the darksphere and accessed its information, as his darker emotions acted as a battery for the device. He used its knowledge to begin advocating for reforms in the Jedi Order, and Adena was the first to join his cause. Soon thereafter, however, Adena killed Kel-Ma and took the darksphere for herself. She was able to tap into its power to a greater extent than Kel-Ma, due to her knowledge and philosophical understanding that Calid passed down to her.[1]

Adena disappeared after accessing the sphere. It was later brought to the attention of Calid, the rest of the Jedi Order, and a number of Dark Jedi that Adena had created the Cult of the Sphere and was amassing a group of Force users that posed a threat to the galaxy; this information was revealed by a member of the Cult who was envious of Adena’s power. Recognizing that the Cult posed a threat to both of their ways, the Jedi and Dark Jedi joined together to put an end to the group. Calid joined the group and was accompanied by Mira, who wanted to stop her daughter from causing any further harm.[1]

Calid and Mira confront Adena on Tatooine.

The Cult of the Sphere was traced to the Outer Rim Territories, where the cultists clashed with the combined forces of the Jedi and Dark Jedi on Tatooine. The battle was firmly stacked against the Cult, leading Adena to abandon her followers to certain destruction so she could attempt to start anew. However, she was pursued by Calid and Mira, and, after a final confrontation with her family, Adena was captured.[1]

It was decided that the Dark Jedi would be responsible for delivering a verdict on Adena’s fate; the followers of the dark side believed they were following an expanded view of the Force, not an evil one, and grew angry that Adena’s actions would undermine their efforts to make the galaxy view them as something other than a destructive force. The Dark Jedi decided that Adena would be sentenced to spend an eternity asleep in a hyperspace stasis pod, leaving Calid with Khevran as his only grandchild.[1]

While Mira hid the darksphere away to prevent its power from corrupting others, Calid returned to Alderaan to continue fighting the House Wars. His fight became one of ensuring the damaged House Baatch’s survival, but the incident with the Cult of the Sphere inflicted enough damage on House Baatch’s reputation and support that the other houses defeated it, leading to its fall.[1]


Calid became one of the first Wardens.

After she hid the sphere away, Mira formed a group of individuals called the Wardens who knew of its location and studied what Mira had learned from it before hiding it away. The Wardens, one of the earliest of whom was Calid, protected the secrets of the darksphere and strove to ensure that it would not be found again. These Wardens existed for thousands of years.[1]

Calid’s line also continued after the fall of House Baatch, though it went through many changes. After the Jedi Order left Tython and settled on Ossus, one of the Jedi who lived on Ossus was Pethar Bac, a descendent of Calid many decades after his death. Pethar researched the darksphere and became obsessed with finding its location, though he ultimately resigned himself to being unable to discover its location.[2]

During the First Hutt War, Jedi Master Sal-Devra Quithmaren discovered a drawing of Calid beneath the ruins of a Dai Bendu temple, from the same sect of Dai Bendu monks that Calid had spent time with thousands of years earlier.[3] The Grand Master during the First Hutt War, Talzea Keldroma, was also a descendent of Calid, through Khevran Kheldrommas.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Prior to the damage to House Baatch's reputation, the trait that defined Calid was his desire to seek knowledge and enlightenment. He gained extensive knowledge of various galactic civilizations and philosophies, including philosophies of the Force; one such example was how he learned fromt he Force philosophy of the Dai Bendu monks on Ando Prime. This trait was one he passed to the rest of his family, teaching his children and grandchildren what he had learned. Although it was that knowledge and philosophical understanding that corrupted Adena,[1] the trait of searching for knowledge continued after Calid's death, such as Pethar Bac's search for the darksphere.[2]

Despite having left Alderaan and his family for further exploration across the galaxy, Calid remained committed to ensuring his family’s survival. He returned to Alderaan to lead House Baatch after Mira had to abdicate leadership, and he personally helped Mira seek out and capture, rather than kill, Adena. He remained dedicated to maintaining House Baatch through its collapse.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Calid was a trained and proficient Force user who gained enough knowledge and power to become one of the earliest Jedi Masters after the formation of the Jedi Order. He was able to put his skills to use when he fought alongside Dark Jedi and fellow Jedi to defeat the Cult of the Sphere, and, along with Mira, successfully captured Adena.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Calid Baatch is a character created by Adena McDargh as part of the backstory for the Bac family and one of her earliest role-playing characters, Adena Qel-Droma. He was referenced on TheStarWarsRP.Com as early as May of 2010, when McDargh referred to him as Lord Calid Baatch of the Northern Lands of Alderaan.[5] He was also referenced in a previous draft of Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One as a revered sage of Tython, and was quoted as having said "Tyrants destroy the thinking man before others, as the thinking man holds the keys to the soul."[6] Calid was officially introduced into the lore of TheStarWarsRP.Com in SWRP Lore: The First Legacies,[1] which was also adopted as Alternative Saga canon.[7]


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