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"I think he was a Jedi Knight."
Michael Lars, while showing Sara Jade a page about the Jedi from Beyond the Rim[src]

Beyond the Rim was the name given to a book written about the Galactic Republic from the perspective of the Outer Rim Territories. The book told many stories about adventures and dangers within the Galactic Republic, and it portrayed the Republic as a place where peace and justice was afforded to all people. It also provided information about the Jedi Order.

The first known owner of the book was Luke Lars' grandfather. He then gave the book to his grandson, who etched the words “Beyond the Rim” onto the cover to give it its only known name. The book inspired Luke to fight in the Rim Wars, a failed attempt at overthrowing the Hutt Lords from power in the Outer Rim. He hid the book away after the war jaded him, but it was later found by his adoptive son, Michael Lars, who was also inspired by its stories.


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Beyond the Rim was a collection of stories about the Galactic Republic.

Beyond the Rim was a collection of stories and information about the Galactic Republic. According to Michael Lars, the last known owner of the book, such stories included adventures within the Republic, challenges that needed to be overcome, and information about how the Republic stood for peace and justice for all of its people. The book also contained information and illustrations of a Jedi Knight, which were considered legends on Tatooine and throughout the Outer Rim Territories. The image showed a Jedi dressed in the robes of the Jedi Order while holding a lightsaber.[1]


Beyond the Rim was given to Luke Lars by his grandfather, and it inspired him with stories of the Galactic Republic. Luke went on to fight in the Rim Wars, a conflict meant to overthrow the rule of the Hutt Lords in the Outer Rim Territories, but the failed war jaded him and he packed the book away.[1]

The book was later found by his adoptive son, Michael Lars, and inspired Michael with its stories like it once inspired Luke. Michael went on to dream about adventures beyond the Great Rift that separated the Outer Rim and the Republic, and the idea of a place where there was justice for everyone gave him hope. Like his father, Michael also became jaded by life on Tatooine, though he kept the book with him as of 22 BBY.[1]

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Beyond the Rim was created as part of Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One by Brandon Rhea. It is also the name of a proposed short story in the Alternative Star Wars Saga, set prior to The Chosen One.


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