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Battle of Yinchorr[1]

Battle of Uhanayih

Yinchorri Uprising[1]


23 BBY[1]




Galactic Republic and Jedi Order victory, resulting in the arrest of the Yinchorri High Command and the end of the war[1]


Yinchorri High Command[1]


  • Yinchorri defense fleet[1]
  • 1 Yinchorri battle cruiser
  • Acceptance[1]
  • Unknown number of Acceptance crew members[1]

Entire Yinchorri fleet[1]

The Battle of Uhanayih was the final battle of the Yinchorri Uprising. Following the previous battle, the Jedi Order located a hidden wartime Yinchorri High Command base on Uhanayih. The Jedi sent a strike team, accompanied by a fleet of five Galactic Republic Judicial Forces cruisers, to infiltrate the hidden base.

After the Republic Judicial Forces defeated a Yinchorri battle fleet in orbit of the planet, the Jedi strike team landed on the planet and entered the base. They took the Yinchorri High Command into custody once inside, effectively ending the war. However, an additional Yinchorri battle cruiser arrived in orbit once the infiltration was finished, downing the Republic cruiser Acceptance. The Acceptance crash-landed on the planet, during which time the crew of Radiant VII, including Captain Maoi Madakor, were taken hostage by the remaining Yinchorri forces. The surviving crew of the Acceptance, led by Lieutenant Antidar Williams, rescued the hostages and returned to Coruscant.

The following year, having been chosen due to their successful actions during the battle, Madakor and Williams ferried two Jedi ambassadors to Utapau, where the Jedi would attempt to end the Trade Federation blockade of the planet. The ambassadors were targeted in an unsuccessful assassination attempt, but Madakor and Williams were killed when the Radiant VII was destroyed.


During the Battle of Yinchorr in 23 BBY, the forces of the Yinchorri High Command were victorious over the Jedi Order. In response to their loss during the battle, the Jedi began a search for the hidden wartime base used by the Yinchorri High Command. The Jedi discovered the base on Uhanayih, leading to preparations for what would be the final battle of the Yinchorri Uprising.[1]

The battle[]

The Jedi Order sent a small strike force to Uhanayih to infiltrate the base and end the conflict. Five cruisers from the Republic Judicial Forces were also sent as reinforcements by the Galactic Senate after Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum convinced the legislative body to aid the Jedi.[1]

The Republic fleet provides cover for the Jedi strike force on Uhanayih.

When the Republic and Jedi forces arrived, the Republic blockaded the planet to prevent any Yinchorri vessels from escaping. The Acceptance, a Republic vessel piloted by Lieutenant Antidar Williams, fought alongside the four other Republic vessels when the Yinchorri fleet attacked. The Yinchorri fleet was destroyed during the skirmish, and the Jedi were able to head for the surface to infiltrate the base. The Republic fleet aided in the infiltration by providing air support for the Jedi forces.[1]

The Yinchorri base was infiltrated within an hour, and the High Command members were taken into custody by the Jedi strike team. The Radiant VII, under the command of Captain Maoi Madakor, retrieved the strike team and its prisoners from the surface. As it was doing so, the Acceptance and two other vessels that returned to orbit were confronted by a Yinchorri battle cruiser that had arrived to reinforce the Yinchorri forces. A skirmish ensued between the Republic vessels and the Yinchorri cruiser; the Yinchorri vessel was destroyed, but the Acceptance was critically damaged and crash-landed on the planet.[1]

After the Acceptance crashed and its survivors emerged from it, Lieutenant Williams received a distress call from the crew of the Radiant VII, informing anyone who was listening that a Yinchorri strike force had taken some Radiant VII crew members, including Captain Madakor, as hostages. Williams led his crew to the scene where they launched a surprise attack on the hostage takers, killing the Yinchorri and successfully rescuing the crew of the Radiant VII.[1]


The Radiant VII, carrying the Acceptance survivors, returned to Coruscant with the rest of the fleet when the battle was over. Lieutenant Williams was honored with the Chancellor's Service Medal, the highest honor that a member of the Judicial Forces could receive, for his actions in saving as many crew members as he could during the crash of the Acceptance and the rescue of the Radiant VII hostages. He was subsequently given an honorable discharge from the Judicial Forces, opting to return to his homeworld of Barkesh where he took over his father's shipping company.[1]


"I have a bad feeling about this."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, shortly before the destruction of the Radiant VII[src]

The following year, the Trade Federation blockaded the Mid Rim planet Utapau in retaliation for the world's support of the Republic Anti-Slavery Law; the law, which had passed in 23 BBY, prohibited the use of slave workers by Republic companies while operating outside of Republic jurisdiction, thus causing a decline in Federation profits.[2]

The Radiant VII is destroyed during the blockade of Utapau.

In an effort to end the blockade of Utapau, Chancellor Valorum chose to send two Jedi ambassadors, Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, to the lead blockade vessel to negotiate with the Trade Federation leadership.[2] Captain Madakor was chosen to ferry the ambassadors to Utapau aboard the Radiant VII. Because she needed a pilot for the journey, she contacted Williams and requested that he serve as her co-pilot during the mission; Madakor had gained a great deal of respect for Williams due to his actions during the Battle of Uhanayih.[1]

The ambassadors arrived on the Trade Federation command vessel believing that they would negotiate with Nute Gunray, the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Gunray, however, ordered that the Jedi be killed. While the Jedi were able to safely escape the vessel,[2] the Federation destroyed the Radiant VII, killing Madakor and Williams instantly.[1] The Federation invasion of the planet commenced shortly thereafter.[2]

Decades after the Battle of Uhanayih, the life of Williams and the events of the battle were documented in the Journal of the Whills. The entry into the Journal of the Whills, an archive of galactic history kept in the pocket dimension of Ashlan Four, was written by the Whill Duseuso. The goal of the historical entry was to highlight the contributions of individuals who did not achieve galactic fame but still had an impact on galactic history.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Uhanayih is the Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction series version of the canon battle of the same name. The Alternative Saga version was developed by author Brandon Rhea and guest contributor Josh Bender for the Antidar Williams entry in The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters.[1] The entry was released onto Star Wars Fanon, the Star Wars wiki of fan invention, on November 14, 2009.[3]



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