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"The small victories we gained today weren't worth the losses."
Jedi Master Maiya Ligh'Tesu in the aftermath of the battle[src]

The Battle of Ando Prime, also called the Invasion of Ando Prime, was a battle initiated in 12,978 BBY by a joint task force of Jedi and Galactic Republic personnel to destroy the Dark Jedi Temple on Ando Prime in the hopes of delivering a devastating blow to the Dark Jedi of the Bogan. The battle was later joined by the Hutt Empire and Jade Armada, both of whom fought against the Republic alongside the Dark Jedi fleet. This gave the Dark Jedi a greater chance at a successful defense, as most of their forces had moved off-world to establish a new capital on Conscio.


In 12,978 BBY, former Jedi Grand Master Banik Kelrada murdered Alexandros Corevellian, then the leader of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, to proclaim himself leader of the Dark Jedi. Soon after beginning his reign as Bogan, Kelrada began preparing the Dark Jedi to move from their sole world of Ando Prime to Conscio, a lost world in the Outer Rim Territories the Dark Jedi had inhabited years earlier. Kelrada's goal was to establish the Dark Jedi as the descendants of the ancient gods of the Conscion civilization.

As this was taking place, former Dark Jedi Caed Ultor traveled to Ossus to speak to the Jedi High Council. Once there, he revealed that the Dark Jedi base was located on Ando Prime, though he had no knowledge of the move to Conscio. At the same time, former Grand Master Dewbecca, who had been in Kelrada's captivity only a short time earlier, told the Council that Kelrada had become leader of the Dark Jedi, although his claim was met with skepticism as the High Council believed Kelrada to be dead. The Council did, however, agree to pursue military action against the Dark Jedi on Ando Prime.

Grand Master Talzea Keldroma traveled to Coruscant shortly thereafter to meet with Supreme Chancellor Jamall Mohatu. In the meeting, Keldroma requested military assistance for an attack against Ando Prime. Mohatu, who had little trust for the Jedi Order, was reluctant to commit Republic forces against an enemy that had never attacked the Republic, but he ultimately agreed when Keldroma convinced him that the Dark Jedi posed a threat to the entire galaxy.

Within the week, Kelrada moved over half of the Bogan to Conscio and proclaimed himself Emperor of the Bogan; some Dark Jedi remained on Ando Prime so the entire order was not off-world and vulnerable to attack at once. Meanwhile, the Jedi sent Jedi Master Haar to scout Ando Prime for Bogan locations.

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The Battle of Ando Prime was role-played on TheStarWarsRP.Com beginning in January, 2011 and lasting through February of that same year. Participating factions included the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic, who launched the attack, as well as the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, the Hutt Empire, and Jade Armada. The battle marked the first time that all four main factions, as well as the independent Jade Armada, had a large scale presence in a battle. The battle consisted of three fronts: a Republic assault on a Dark Jedi military base, a Jedi assault on the Dark Jedi Temple, and an orbital battle involving all five participating factions.


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