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Battle of Alsakan

Alsakan Crisis[1]


12,999 BBY[1]




Galactic Republic victory and destruction of the Alsakan Union, resulting in the end of the Alsakan Crisis and an unconditional Alsakan surrender.[1]


Galactic Republic[1]

Alsakan Union[1]




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The Battle of Alsakan was the final battle of the Alsakan Crisis in 12,999 BBY between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union. The battle began when the Republic launched an assault on Alsakan forces around the planet Alsakan, an assault which the Republic was able to defeat the Alsakan forces in. Upon their defeat, members of the Alsakan military collapsed the integrity of Xenvaer, the orbiting Alsakan city, while Republic forces were surrounding it, causing the city and a number of Republic vessels to crash into and devastate the planet.

Due to Alsakan’s devastation, many Alsakans came to believe that their religion, which was what had guided them to war, was false, so they assimilated into a Republic that still harbored negative feelings towards them. Certain movements, however, such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement, did form throughout the galaxy hoping to restore the Alsakan way of life. Nevertheless, the next twenty years were ones of peacetime, until the beginning of the Hutt War between the Republic and the Hutt Empire of the Outer Rim Territories.


In 13,000 BBY, in the name of a religion that told them to restore a balance between man and nature, the Alsakan Union invaded and captured the Galactic Republic capital planet of Coruscant, beginning the Alsakan Crisis between the two galactic bodies. Shortly thereafter, the Alsakan leader Lharra was assassinated on Ossus, supposedly by Banik Kelrada, the Grandmaster of the monastic Jedi Order. This led to the Union falling under military control, and the military subsequently launched and was defeated at the concurrent battles of Bessimir, Metellos, and Ruan. After this, the Alsakans lost control of Coruscant, and, while the Union was supposedly behind a bombing against the Republic, the Alsakans were unable to recover from their losses.[1]

The battle[]

The final battle of the Alsakan Crisis came in 12,999 BBY at the planet Alsakan itself. The Republic fleet began an assault over the planet against the Alsakan fleet, which had been weakened due to its previous losses. By the end of the battle, the Alsakans sustained heavy losses, leaving only a handful of Alsakan vessels remaining compared to the Republic fleet which had lost few ships.[1]

The Republic believed that the battle was over, but as millions of Alsakans were fleeting Xenvaer, the orbiting city in which all Alsakans lived due to their belief that no Alsakan save for their leader could touch the planet’s surface, the more-religious members of the military collapsed the city’s integrity, causing it to fall from orbit in the hopes of destroying the Republic fleet. When the city collided with the surface, devastating the entire planet, a number of Republic vessels were also brought down, but most Republic forces survived.[1]


Following the battle, the survivors of the Alsakan Union signed an unconditional surrender, leading to the end of the year-long Alsakan Crisis. The citizens of the Republic felt that peace had come to them due to their victory during the battle and the war. The Alsakans, however, became a scattered people. The actions of their military during the Battle of Alsakan caused many Alsakans to believe that both their military and government had been fanatical. Most started to believe that their religion was not only fanatical, but also fault. Alsakan citizens began to assimilate into Republic worlds, although there were certain organizations, such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement, that were formed in an attempt to restore the Alsakan way of life.[1]


When the battle and, subsequently, the war ended, the Republic feared that groups such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement would attempt to launch attacks against the Republic in retaliation for the Battle of Alsakan. Around 12,995 BBY, Republic Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac ordered the creation of Sector 13, a covert intelligence network that the Republic claimed did not exist, in order to avoid or eliminate these threats. The Republic also felt the need to bring additional worlds into the Republic to expand their forces and thereby bring additional defenses, but their exploration into the Mid Rim led to encounters with the Hutt Empire, a criminal empire in the Outer Rim Territories. After years of tense relations, the Republic and the Hutt Empire went to war in 12,979 BBY, exactly twenty years after the Battle of Alsakan.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of the Alsakan is part of the history of the third role-playing time period of TheStarWarsRP.Com,[1] a role-playing website founded and owned by Steven Alldis.[2] It was not role-played, but rather it was developed to be the final battle of the war before the end of the third time period and beginning of the fourth and current time period.[1]


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