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Bastila Shan
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"The Force fights with me!"
—Bastila Shan[src]

Bastila Shan was a Human female Jedi Master who rose to galactic prominence during the Jedi Civil War. As a young Padawan, it was discovered that Shan had the gift of battle meditation, allowing her to influence enemy actions during combat. During her training, the Mandalorian Wars broke out, and she sided with the Jedi High Council when Revan and Malak rebelled and led Jedi into war with the Mandalorian Clans in defiance of orders. One year after the Galactic Republic victory and the disappearance of Revan and Malak, the triumphant Jedi returned as Sith Lords at the head of an empire, plunging the galaxy into the Jedi Civil War.

Two years into the war, Shan was sent to capture Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Her team boarded Revan’s vessel and confronted him, but, before they could fight, the ambitious Malak fired on his master’s ship in an attempt to seize power for himself. Shan survived the assault and discovered that Revan had been badly injured, so she stabilized him and brought him before the Jedi Council. In an effort to ensure that he would no longer pose a threat, the Council erased Revan’s memories and reprogrammed his mind with the identity of a Republic soldier.

Revan was later assigned to Bastila’s ship, the Endar Spire, when it came under attack in orbit of Taris. Shan managed to escape, but she was captured by the Black Vulkars swoop gang. She was able to escape their custody with the help of Revan and Commander Carth Onasi. Together, they escaped Taris during Sith bombardment of the planet and fled for the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.


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