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"Sometimes, as royalty you just have to think of your people before yourself."
—Bail Prestor Organa[src]

Bail Prestor Organa was a Human male member of the Galactic Senate and, following the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Senate, serving as the Senator of Alderaan. He was also regarded by those on Alderaan to have been a hero of the Clone Wars, a conflict that took place before the Galactic Empire came to power and replaced the Galactic Republic.

Around 19 BBY, Organa and his wife, Queen Breha Antilles-Organa of Alderaan, adopted a daughter whom they named Leia Organa. They later adopted Winter Celchu, the daughter of one of Queen Organa's late handmaidens. Organa also kept in contact with a Jedi Knight named Obi-Wan Kenobi, even after the rise of the Empire, to discuss the well-being of Princess Leia, particularly after she began associating herself with a young nerf herder named Epin Lanmaw.


Early life[]

Bail Prestor Organa was a Human male born on Alderaan many years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the government that replaced the previous Galactic Republic. Sometime during his early life, he married Queen Breha Antilles-Organa of Alderaan.[1] Prior to the rise of the Empire, Organa was the Senator of Alderaan in the Republic's Galactic Senate. Alongside Wilhuff Tarkin, the Senator of Eriadu, Organa co-chaired the Galactic Senate Armed Services Committee.[2]

After 22 BBY, Organa participated in the Clone Wars, eventually being regarded by the people of Alderaan as a hero of the conflict.[1] Around this same time, Organa also came to know a Jedi Padawan named Sadvo Lanmaw on Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic.[3] After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Organa became a member of the Imperial Senate, the government’s main legislative body.[1]


Around 19 BBY, Organa and his wife adopted a girl whom they named Leia Organa, making the girl the Princess of Alderaan. When his daughter was young, Organa had her enrolled in Madame Vesta's Select Academy, near the Aldera Palace in the capital city of Aldera.[4] Organa and his daughter would often joke by referring to the headmistress, Madame Vesta, as "Old Hag Madame Vesta" as neither of them liked the woman.[1] During this time, Organa and the queen also adopted Winter Celchu, a girl the same age as Leia, whose late mother had been a handmaiden of the queen.[5] As Leia grew older, and much to her dismay, Organa and the queen decided that Leia would be part of a matching, an event where upper class parents would match their children with other upper class children in the hopes of them forming eventual romantic relationships.[6]

In 7 BBY, Organa encountered Epin Lanmaw, a nerf farmer the same age as Leia, after Lanmaw walked the princess home from school. Lanmaw was the son of Sadvo Lanmaw, and Organa had come to know the rest of the Lanmaw family for many years, as they delivered nerf goods to the palace as part of their farming job. Before walking Leia home, Lanmaw had been injured in a fight with the Sons of Alderaan, a gang of boys in Aldera that often picked fights with Lanmaw, but the nerf farmer refused Organa’s offer for medical treatment.[5]

The next day, Organa had a holo-conversation with Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he had known for some time and kept in contact with even after the rise of the Empire and the destruction of the Jedi Order. The two discussed Lanmaw and Princess Leia, and Kenobi recalled knowing Lanmaw's parents before they were exiled from the Jedi Order for using the dark side of the Force. Somewhat worried about the implications of that in regards to his daughter, Organa agreed to keep Kenobi apprised of the situation.[3]

Despite knowing about their dark past, Organa and Leia went to the Lanmaw family farm the next day to place an order of nerfs, where Organa invited the Lanmaw family to dinner as well.[3] The Lanmaw family arrived later that night, and during dinner the two families found out that Leia and Lanmaw had become closer to one another, with Leia having gone so far as kissing the boy earlier that day. As the Lanmaw’s left dinner, Organa and the queen realized that their daughter had found someone they felt to be suitable without the matching.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Organa held the respect of many citizens of Alderaan, many of whom also regarded him as a hero of the Clone Wars. Organa was said to have tried to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever he could, and was known to have treated everyone as equally as he could. He would be seen on the streets of Aldera every day, where he would interact with the people.[1] Organa also had a seemingly laid back attitude in comparison to many other members of the galactic upper class, which the Lanmaws felt was evident by his behavior at their joint-dinner at the palace. After Organa quickly began eating a nerf burger, he asked the two families not to act like who he felt were uptight members of the Imperial Senate, as he said he was trying to lighten the mood.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Bail Prestor Organa is the Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction series version of the canon character of the same name. He first appears in the Alternative Saga novel Star Wars: The Alderaan Affair written by Wayne Lipman III.[6] He also previously appeared in the first draft of the Alternative Saga novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One written by Brandon Rhea, but it is unknown if he will appear in the current draft.[7] According to Rhea, Organa is also set to appear in the novel Star Wars: Episode IV, also written by Rhea, but it is unknown what role the character will play.[8]


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