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First Battle of Tatooine[1]

Attempted Hutt Coup of 12,977 BBY

Hutt Civil War[1]


12,977 BBY[1]


Hutt Space[1]


Outbreak of the Hutt Civil War[1]


Gorrbag-led rebels[1]

Tusa-led loyalists[1]



Tusa Ujalli Hai[1]

In 12,979 BBY, after the Hutt Empire and Galactic Republic signed the treaty that ended the First Hutt War, former Hutt Chairman Gorrbag gathered forces opposed to Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai and led a coup to seize control of the Hutt Empire. The coup failed and Tusa remained in power, but the effort led to the Hutt Civil War between the forces of Gorrbag and Tusa.[1]

The Hutt Civil War was fought for two years, with little progress being made on either side during the first year. During the second year, however, Tusa's forces began to push Gorrbag's back, ultimately leading to Tusa's victory and Gorrbag's death. The legacy of the attempted coup was one where Tusa was able to gain a tighter grip over the Empire, using that to fuel the war effort during the Second Hutt War a few years later.[1]


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