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Ashlan Four

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Order of the Whills[1]

Ashlan Four was a pocket dimension in the Ashlan Nebula spoken of in myth, legend in folklore that housed the Order of the Whills. Originally spoken of by a holy man in the Prophecy of the Whills, it was said that the Order of the Jedi Bendu would lead the Whills from their homeworld to Ashlan Four to record the story of the galaxy. When the Jedi Bendu did, eventually, bring the Whills to Ashlan Four, it was discovered that it was a pocket dimension rather than a planet. The Order of the Whills was founded there, and the Whills recorded galactic history in the Journal of the Whills that was located in the Whill Monastery.[1]

The pocket dimension had certain complexities and truths that were unable to be understood by Humans. The landscape, said to have been lush and vast, was one of boundless mountains, rolling green hills and rivers, and most of the colors were blue and green. Near the monastery, there was also stream called the time stream that allowed selectively trained individuals to view the historical timeline of the universe and, if possible, view certain historical events as an impartial observer. The Whills, and later Shaman of the Whills Ussej Padric Bac, used this to observe galactic history and record it in the Journal of the Whills.[1]


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