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Anthoni Berethro Salandra
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13,066 BBY, Corellia[1]


12,993 BBY, Corellia[2]


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Anthoni Berethro Salandra was the Prime Minister of the Corellian system and the Galactic Senator of Corellia during the Alsakan Crisis. In 12,999 BBY, he declared Corellia's secession from the Galactic Republic, though Corellia returned to the Republic within the following few years. Salandra's son, Homer Anthony Salandra, left Corellia after its secession and entered galactic politics, becoming the Senator of Coruscant and, ultimately, the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


Early life and career[]

Anthoni Berethro Salandra was born into the Salandra family on Corellia in 13,066 BBY. The family was involved in politics; his father sat on a number of advisory boards and commissions, while his mother was a political activist. He ultimately chose to follow their footsteps into politics, deciding to pursue a career in government.[1]

In 13,041 BBY, Salandra ran for a seat in the Corellian Parliament to represent Coronet City. His platform consisted of racial equality, local regeneration, and increased government funding for local funding. Aided by his family name, Salandra was elected to a term as Coronet City's representative, with political onlookers describing him as a good politician who could make difficult choices.[1]

Salandra continued to serve in the legislature for a number of years, although onlookers believed he could have moved into higher levels of government had he chosen to. By the end of his second term, he had helped to improve the quality of life in Coronet City, and polling suggested that over sixty percent of the other Corellian districts would have elected him as Galactic Senator were he to run. He opted not to, however, choosing to remain in the legislature.[1]

During this time, Salandra and his wife had a son, Homer Anthony Salandra.[3] He continued to live both a family and political life; his wife died during his third term, however, but he continued on with politics and was elected to a fourth term. He was ultimately elected planetary governor, taking in over 80% of the vote.[1]

Prime Minister[]

"I was elected by the people of the Corellian system, and I will serve the people of the Corellian system. Nothing ever comes before that."
―Salandra in his inauguration as Prime Minister[src]

Ten years after being elected to his fourth and final term as Corellian representative, Salandra ran for Prime Minister of the Corellian System. He won by the highest margin ever recorded for the office, with 74% of the Corellian system choosing him as their Prime Minister.[1]

Salandra’s first term as Prime Minister was more turbulent than any other term in office he had served. In the beginning, he worked to resolve a pay dispute between workers and the government, which was immediately followed by civil unrest on Drall. Additionally, he dealt with a large increase in big business holdings in the system, having provided incentives for corporations to move into the system. He also pushed for Corellian expansion and colonization of uncharted space, as well as the mining of Corellia itself.[1]

In dealing with the issues of his first term, Prime Minister Salandra created a number of pieces of legislation that were, at first, unpopular with the public. He passed execution laws, as well as a law that gave complete equality and freedom to every species in the Corellian system. The equality laws, however, were widely praised, and he won his second term in office with 83% of the vote.[1]

His second term saw the passage of the golden paper, a law that allowed the system's office holders to serve as many terms as they were capable of being elected to, provided that they won with a super-majority of the votes. With his widespread popularity in the Corellian system, Salandra believed he had guaranteed himself the position of Prime Minister for life.[1] His status as Prime Minister also then allowed him to serve as the Galactic Senator of Corellia.[4]

Outside of the Corellian system, however, Salandra was viewed with contempt from many individuals in the Galactic Republic. Salandra's autobiography recounted that the Galactic Senate detested him. The Senator of Coruscant at the time called his ability to remain Prime Minister for life a mutilation of democracy.[1]

Secession attempt[]


Having provided the Corellian people with a humiliating loss, the once-popular Prime Minister fell into public disgrace. Despite the political and public pressure, Salandra refused to step down as Prime Minister, although Corellia was temporarily stripped of its representation in the Galactic Senate, forcing Salandra out of his position as Galactic Senator. Parliament moved to impeach him, citing his illegal assault against Abregado-rae, and was removed from office in 12,998 BBY following a trial.[2]

As the impeachment trial was underway, the Galactic Court of Justice, which oversaw cases relating to crimes of war, brought up a case against Salandra, charging him with war crimes for his actions at Abregado-rae. Salandra refused to be part of the process and chose to remain on Corellia, but in 12,993 BBY, as the trial grew closer, a warrant was put out for Salandras arrest. He attempted to flee to a non-Republic world in the Mid Rim, but, while at the Corellian spaceport, a man who lost his wife and six children at Abregado-rae approached and shot Salandra in the head. The former Prime Minister died at the spaceport.[2]


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