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Anchorhead Station, also referred to simply as Anchorhead, was a settlement on Tatooine. The city was one of the oldest on the planet, having been built sometime before the First Hutt War.


Early history[]

Anchorhead Station was one of the oldest established settlements on Tatooine, constructed sometime before the First Hutt War.

First Hutt War[]

At the onset of the First Hutt War, Anchorhead was the location of a meeting between tech specialist and former Alsakan Union soldier Lorrek Bernard and Ayda. After encountering a rogue Hutt called Crugata Atleis, Ayda tasked Lorrek with finding a local droid shop owner named Skelt and bring him somewhere that he could not run. Once the three of them were alone, Lorrek left Ayda and Skelt to return to the hangar where he had landed his ship earlier, while Ayda remained behind and killed Skelt for not providing her with information she had sought. She destroyed the droid shop to cover up the murder, but was able to salvage a datapad written in an Alsakan language. Lorrek translated it for her, uncovering information about cybernetics and an individual named Omega 3-Trent. They both left Anchorhead shortly thereafter.[2]

Shortly thereafter, the Zialan Sodality held a meeting with Kalar Enterprises in an abandoned building in the settlement. The Sodality planned to kill every Kalar member in attendance, save for the high ranking Leiris Synthes. The pretense for the meeting was that the Sodality claimed to want to purchase weapons from Kalar Enterprise. When the meeting began, it was led by Sergeant Karus Demar. Captain Vazo arrived later and started a conflict between the two sides, throwing a grenade at one of the Kalar guards. The Sodality forces were successful in killing the Kalar forces, save for Synthes whom they captured as planned.[3]

Near the end of the war, the Jedi Order received reports that a number of settlements north of Anchorhead were being destroyed. Jedi Padawans Owyn Deak and Aria Dran were sent to Anchorhead to investigate the situation. As they traveled north, they realized that the destruction had been caused by two krayt dragons who had been driven mad after being tainted by the dark side of the Force. They killed the dragons and erased the dark side energy, preventing further destruction. As a result of their mission, Deak and Dran were both promoted to Jedi Knight.[4]

Early business era[]

Around 4,200 BBY, it was used as a mining outpost by a number of companies who attempted to find riches in the desert, only to leave empty-handed upon realizing that the ore located near the settlement was of poor quality. Due to the cost of off-world transportation, they would abandon their equipment in and around the settlement each time they left, giving the local Jawa scavengers equipment to take and later sell.[1]

Corporations continued to settle there, however, one of which was the Czerka Corporation. In order to make the settlement more attractive than it had been under previous corporate ventures, local businessmen set up a number of other economic ventures with Czerka backing. Motta the Hutt established a swoop racing track just outside the settlement, and the Ithorian Fazza Utral built a hunting lodge. These helped to attract other businesses as well.[1]

Jedi Civil War[]

During the Jedi Civil War, in 3,956 BBY, the Jedi Revan and a number of his companions landed in Anchorhead Station while on a quest to locate a hidden Star Map on Tatooine. The Star Map, hidden somewhere near the settlement by the Infinite Empire thousands of years earlier, would give them a partial set of coordinates to locate the Star Forge weapon being used by the Second Sith Empire.[1]

At that time, Czerka's mining operations were failing, with the ore they were producing proving to be substandard and less contracts coming to Anchorhead Station because of it. Tusken Raiders were attacking ore shipments, and the efforts of Motta and Utral were also failing. Although he could not help with the business problems, Revan did offer his assistance to Czerka to try and prevent the Tusken Raiders from making any additional attacks.[1]

To honor his word, Revan and two of his companions traveled into the Dune Sea to locate the Tusken Raider compound from which they launched their attacks. He was able to gain an audience with the Tusken Raider elders and earn their trust enough to negotiate with them. Eventually they agreed not to stop their attacks, but to at least reduce them and free some of their prisoners which included several Jawas and Griff Vao, the brother of Revan's companion Mission Vao.[1]

Revan and his followers went on to locate the Tatooinian Star Map and left Anchorhead, from where they ultimately located and destroyed the Star Forge and defeated the Second Sith Empire.[1]

Later years[]

Sometime prior to 22 BBY, Anchorhead Station and all of Tatooine fell under the control of the Hutt Cartel. The planet was part of the domain of Jabba the Hutt, and its affairs were overseen by a number of Hutt Cartel subordinates. Anchorhead Station was governed by Colonel Deacon Darklighter, who was secretly plotting a rebellion against the Hutts to overthrow them from power on Tatooine.[5]

The settlement was comprised of a number of small businesses, including importing and exporting at the spaceport, local storefronts, and street stands where goods were sold. Moisture farmers, some of whom lived as sharecroppers on land owned by Jabba, also lived in the area. Michael Lars and his family were one such group of farmers.[5]



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