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Rise of the Empire era[1]
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Alternate Trilogy
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Brandon Rhea[1]
Gregg Tasoulas[1]


December, 2004[1]


Fan fiction[1]

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None. Project canceled.[1]

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Alternative Saga (Spin-off)[1]
Stone Cold (Spin-off)[1]

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Brandon Rhea[1]
Gregg Tasoulas[1]

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The Alternate Trilogy was a Star Wars fan fiction project started in 2004, serving as one of the predecessors to what is now the Alternative Star Wars Saga. The project was set to rewrite Star Wars canon and would have been written by authors Brandon Rhea and Gregg Tasoulas. The Alternate Trilogy has since been canceled.


The Alternate Trilogy was put into development in December, 2004 by fan fiction authors Brandon Rhea and Gregg Tasoulas. Their original goal for the project was to keep the canon Star Wars prequel trilogy intact and write a re-imagining of the original trilogy, keeping in mind how technology had advanced since the original film was released in 1977. The new episodes were set to follow the same basic premise as the originals, with Luke Skywalker eventually redeeming Darth Vader just before the death of Emperor Palpatine. However, according to Rhea, "the events leading to it would have been radically different".[1]

After sometime, Rhea and Tasoulas began to have conflicting ideas. Rhea decided he want to write six new stories; his first trilogy, starting with Episode IV, would have been completely different from the original films, whereas the second trilogy, starting with Episode VII, would have been based on the originals. Tasoulas did not agree with the idea, so they mutually decided to write their own stories rather than one. This officially ended the Alternate Trilogy, although Tasoulas had unfulfilled plans to write an Alternate Trilogy of his own. Rhea went on to create Brandon Rhea's Alternative Star Wars Saga, which merged with author Squishy Vic's Squishy Vic Series in 2008 to form the Alternative Star Wars Saga, while Tasoulas wrote part of a story titled Stone Cold that was meant to be set before his own alternate stories.[1]

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