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Alsakan Vicar
Basic information
First appointed

Lharra Anteya[1]

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[1]


Alsakan Union[1]

The Alsakan Vicar was the matriarch of the Church of the Jintu and, by default, the figurehead of the Alsakan Union. The Vicar was chosen at a young age by the Council of Elders and was always a female. She led the church until her death, and, according to Alsakan religious beliefs, she was the only person in the galaxy to have a direct connection to the goddess Shalharra. This gave the Vicar near-unlimited power in the Alsakan Union.[1]

Typically, the Vicar took on the name "Lharra," as that was the name of the first Alsakan Vicar. It became more of a ceremonial rite over the years, though the first Vicar to serve during the Alsakan Crisis in 13,000 BBY was named Lharra. She was assassinated by her own advisers in order to continue the Alsakan involvement in the war.[2]

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