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Alsakan Union
Political information
Head of State

Alsakan Vicar

Societal information

Xenvear (Alsakan)

State religious body

Church of the Jintu

Historical information
Date of dissolution

12,999 BBY

"Our intentions are peaceful. We want to stop destroying life in the name of urbanization."
Lharra explains her government's intentions in the Alsakan Crisis to Banik Kelrada[src]

The Alsakan Union was a planetary government based on the planet Alsakan and its orbiting city Xenvear. The government was a theocracy, which was led by a young girl who would serve as the Vicar and a number of other elders. Its religion was based around the environment, which Alsakan religious tradition said that the Alsakan God, Shalharra, instructed them to protect. Carrying out its religious duties, the Alsakan Union attacked the Galactic Republic on a number of occasions,[1] including the First Alsakan Conflict and the Alsakan Crisis; during the Alsakan Crisis, the Union briefly took and held control of Coruscant. The Union was destroyed at the end of the Alsakan Crisis in 12,999 BBY.


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