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Alsakan Crisis

13,000 BBY[1]


12,999 BBY[1]


Core Worlds, with two conflicts in the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories

Major battles

Battle of Coruscant, Bombing of the Jedi Enclave, Conclave on Ossus, Battle of Ruan, Battle of Metellos, Battle of Bessimir, Showdown on Ascendance, Bombing of Metellos, Skirmish on Iridonia, Battle of Alsakan


Galactic Republic[1]

Alsakan Union[1]

Jedi Order[1]

Ospion Guardians[1]

"Our intentions are peaceful. We want to stop destroying life in the name of urbanization."
Lharra explains the Alsakan Union's motives[src]

The Alsakan Crisis, sometimes referred to as the Alsakan War and the Republic-Alsakan War, was a conflict mainly centered in the Core Worlds between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union. The war was fought from 13,000 BBY to 12,999 BBY. The Jedi Order and the Ospion Guardians also participated.

The war, one of many between the two sides, began when the Union invaded and took control of Coruscant from the Republic, intending to terraform the highly industrialized planet in order to restore a natural habitat. Jedi Grand Master Banik Kelrada attempted to prevent the conflict from escalating, though his efforts failed following the assassination of the Alsakan Vicar and a resulting schism in the Jedi Order. The schism saw the creation of the Ospion.

When Kelrada's efforts failed, the war between the Republic and the Alsakans continued, raging on in battles on Ruan, Metellos, and Bessimir. A cease fire was declared following the assassination of Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor. The agreement lasted for months, but it eventually broke down and led to the Battle of Alsakan. The Republic emerged victorious, but at a high cost; Alsakan was devastated by Union-led sabotage, killing millions.

Following the war's end, the Republic began expanding into the Mid Rim to find new allies, creating tension with the Hutt Empire. This led to the First Hutt War in 12,979 BBY, beginning a six year period known as the Great Hutt Wars.



In the early years of the Galactic Republic, a group of Republic explorers and colonists discovered the planet Alsakan and the Alsakan people living them. They discovered that the Alsakans were a highly religious people who worshiped a goddess that focused on nature and the environment around all living beings. The people of Alsakan lived on an orbiting city called Xenvaer, with only the Alsakan leaders being allowed to set foot on the surface of the planet. The Republic explorers lost contact with Republic space, however, and were forced to live on Xenvaer, cutting off all communications between the Republic and the Alsakan Union for years.[2]

Years later, in 24,980 BBY, communication was re-established between Alsakan and Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. Upon learning of how large the Republic had become since they first met, the Alsakans agreed to meet with Republic officials on Coruscant to discuss an alliance. The Alsakans were horrified by the planet upon their arrival, however, due to the fact that the world was almost entirely one large city with little nature or ecosystem to speak of. In order to flee Coruscant as quickly as possible, the Alsakans agreed to form an alliance with the Republic.[2]

The Alsakan Vicar, the fifteen year old Lharra Anteya IV, who had fainted from her shock over the state of Coruscant, died while returning to Coruscant. The Alsakans believed that it was the pollution on Coruscant that triggered her death, so, when news returned to their homeward that Coruscant was the capital of the Republic, the Alsakan people were infuriated. Instead of lashing out, however, they continued to expand Xenvaer, including the construction of engines and weapons to arm it. They constructed additional vessels using knowledge they had gained from their alliance with the Republic, and these vessels became the first Alsakan warships.[2]

Alsakan ultimately became a Republic colony, and, while war was avoided, some Alsakans chose to launch guerilla attacks and espionage missions against the Republic, knowing they could not defeat the Republic. When the Republic began using natural resources from the Alsakans, the Union's government broke away from their alliance with the Republic and became an independent world. Knowing that war was inevitable, the Alsakans continued to grow their military strength, with their religion being used as a tool to create determination amongst the Alsakan people and to convince the people to volunteer for military service.[2]

In 17,000 BBY, the First Alsakan Conflict broke out between the Republic and the Alsakans. The Republic was victorious in the conflict, and, while additional conflicts did ensue, a full-scale war was avoided.[3]

The war begins[]

Coruscant during the outbreak of the Alsakan Crisis.

In 13,000 BBY, after millennia of tension and various conflicts, the Alsakans launched an all-out assault on Coruscant. Their goal was to capture the planet and terraform it back to a state of nature. To prevent additional Republic forces from entering the space around Coruscant, the Alsakans blockaded the hyperspace routes surrounded the planets, leaving only one open—albeit after placing gravimetric mines at the route's exit in order to damage any Republic forces that attempted to arrive through it.[4]

With few forces already at the planet for the defense, the Republic was significantly outnumbered. As the two military forces engaged in battle, the Galactic Senate debated on whether or not to evacuate the planet. Some members of the Senate, such as Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor and Alderaanian Senator Alcor Bac, voiced their support for an evacuation, advocating that the Senate would do the people of the Republic little good under the control of the Alsakans. Other Senators, however, such as Corellian Senator Judah Matthew Zaren, were vocal in their opposition. In the end, the supporters were the majority vote, and the Alsakans allowed the Senate to leave.[4]

The Republic defense force also retreated with the Senate. With the Republic forces gone, the Alsakans asserted their control over the planet and began their terraforming process. As they did so, the Republic set up a new base of operations on Ord Mirit, where they immediately began planning retaliatory attacks.[4]

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