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"My mother once told me that Annikin Skywalker's generosity helped restore her faith in the galaxy."
—Alexander Arcadia, Journal of the Whills 15:3[src]

Alexander Arcadia was the King of Utapau and, by lineage, a member of the House of Arcadia. Born the son of Sabé Arcadia, the Queen of Utapau during the Invasion of Utapau, Arcadia had multiple passages in the Journal of the Whills attributed to him, generally related to his mother and aspects of his planet.


"Then spoke up the noble Jar, exiled son of the old leader. He took it upon himself to help the Jedi, and they, in turn, were able to help him in the most important of ways."
—Alexander Arcadia speaks about Jar Binks, Journal of the Whills, 15:4[src]

Alexander Arcadia was born sometime after the Invasion of Utapau into the royal House of Arcadia as the son of Queen Sabé Arcadia of Utapau. Years later, he ascended to the planet's throne and became King of Utapau.[1]

Multiple remarks Arcadia made while he was the planet's ruler were recorded in the Journal of the Whills, a recording of galactic history. He spoke of how Annikin Skywalker's generosity helped restore his mother's faith in the galaxy. The king also spoke highly of Jar Binks, the exiled Crowned Prince of the Gungan Empire during the Invasion of Utapau, and the Gungan's involvement with the Jedi Order.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Currently, Alexander Arcadia's father has yet to be revealed. In discussions about the novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, however, author Brandon Rhea has suggested that Arcadia's father could be Logan Amator,[2] a supporting character in The Chosen One who forms a friendship with Queen Arcadia.[1] When discussing second characters in the novel, Rhea suggested that Amator will be "very important to [Queen Arcadia] now and in the future," and that "Alexander Arcadia...has to come from somewhere."[2]


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