Alcor Jonathan Bac
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13,054 BBY (Alderaan)[2]


12,978 BBY (Coruscant)[3]

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Brown (later white)[1]

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Galactic Republic[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

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Anthony Hopkins[1]

"I was never a good person, but I miss the days where I pretended to be."
―Alcor Bac[src]

Alcor Jonathan Bac was a male Human politician from Alderaan who served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic from 12,995 BBY to 12,987 BBY. He was responsible for a number of policies, including the controversial expansion of Republic territory and influence into the Mid Rim leading into the Hutt War, and was an ally of the Jedi Order in the Galactic Senate.

Bac was born on Alderaan in 13,054 BBY. After serving a number of years in the naval Judge Advocate General Corps, he unsuccessfully ran for Galactic Senator of Alderaan. He was later appointed to the office after helping to end his predecessor's career by proving the Senator's ties to organized crime. He served a number of terms in office, and ascended to the position of Chairman of the Galactic Senate Armed Services Committee shortly before the outbreak of the Alsakan Crisis. During the conflict, he declined to run for the Chancellery following the assassination of Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor.

Following the end of the Alsakan Crisis and, four years later, Alcor's election as Supreme Chancellor, he enacted his expansionist policies into the Mid Rim. These policies became controversial when they led to tensions with the Hutt Empire, but Chancellor Bac continued them nonetheless. He also created Sector 13 in order to gain information on the remnants of the Alsakan Union, as well as the Hutt Empire. Bac became a private citizen upon leaving office after two terms, retiring to Alderaan.

Before and during the Hutt War, Alcor remained involvement in governmental affairs, particularly when it came to informing newly inaugurated Supreme Chancellors about the existence of Sector 13. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 12,979 BBY, though he continued to remain active in the galaxy. He was inadvertently killed in 12,978 BBY by Ahdam Bac, his son, when Ahdam attempted to assassination sitting Supreme Chancellor Jamall Mohatu during a rally Ahdam did not know Alcor was attending.


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