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Ahdam Bac
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13,010 BBY

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Old Republic era[1]

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Joe Flanigan[1]

"He's an irresponsible, superficial playboy who freeloads off his family's fortune and profits off of his father's stature within the galactic community."
―The Coruscant Daily Times[src]

Ahdam Bac, the son of Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac, was an agent of Sector 13 in the Galactic Republic who operated under the codename "Agent 1" during the First Hutt War. Near the end of the war, he was appointed Galactic Senator of Alderaan by Queen Laili Sundromiko, an office he held throughout the Second Cold War and the Second Hutt War.

Bac was born in 13,009 BBY on Alderaan. When he was old enough, he became an officer in the Galactic Republic military, where he served until his father, who had become Supreme Chancellor, selected him to be the first agent in Sector 13; his identity remained a secret. Ahdam operated within Sector 13 for a number of years, until around 12,978 BBY when he disappeared from the agency. In public, prior to his appointment to the Galactic Senate, he presented himself as a controversial socialite who faced public scrutiny due to his party-going lifestyle. That lifestyle was an act, however, to deflect attention from his status as a covert agent.

As Agent 1, he resurfaced in order to assassinate Chancellor Jamall Mohatu, whose supposed incompetence Ahdam deemed a threat to the Republic's survival during the Hutt War, but inadvertently assassinated Alcor in the process. He was appointed Senator of Alderaan shortly thereafter, and he became a member of the Armed Services Committee.



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