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"...just because something is lost doesn’t mean it can never be found again."
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Adena Kheldrommas was a Human female member of the Jedi Order who rose to prominence after falling to the dark side of the Force. She was born on Alderaan as the daughter of Mira Baatch and Khem Kheldrommas, as well as the granddaughter of famed explorers Calid Baatch and Sohna Sanmuriko. Her sensitivity to the Force was detected at an early age and, at her grandfather’s urging, she was taken into the Jedi Order for training. Her sister, Dinara, was also taken for Jedi training.

Trained by Jedi Master Oolas, a friend and former companion of Calid, Adena and Dinara became active members of the Jedi Order. When they were older, Adena and Dinara formed a friendship with fellow student Kel-Ma. Together, the three apprentices discovered the darksphere, a relic from the Infinite Empire. They resolved to keep it a secret, but Dinara was killed on a mission, which led Adena and Kel-Ma to be corrupted by the darksphere’s influence. Adena killed Kel-Ma to take the relic’s power for herself, and she formed the Cult of the Sphere with a number of followers.

The cult was betrayed by one of its members, jealous of the power that Adena wielded, and informed the Jedi elders of her fall. With help from Dark Jedi, who believed that Adena’s actions threatened their insistence that they were not consumed by darkness, Calid and Mira set out to stop Adena, and they defeated her on Tatooine. Adena’s fate was left in the hands of the Dark Jedi, and they sentenced her to remain locked in stasis in a sleep chamber that would drift through hyperspace for eternity.


Early life and trainingEdit


Adena was the granddaughter of famed explorer and Jedi Master Calid Baatch.

"While their childhood was one of relative stability, often playing with their cousin Jonathan, Adena and Dinara were eventually whisked away into the Jedi Order after Calid noted their strong affinity for the Force."
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Adena Kheldrommas was born during the House Wars of Alderaan to Khem Kheldrommas and Mira Baatch, the daughter of famed explorer and Jedi Master Calid Baatch and his wife Sohna Sanmuriko. Adena had two siblings, a brother named Khevran and a sister named Dinara. Despite growing up in a time of war, Adena and her siblings had a relatively stable childhood, and they often played with their cousin Jonathan. Adena also grew up learning about the philosophies and teachings that Calid had gained from his travels around the galaxy.[1]

When they were old enough, Adena and Dinara were taken into the Jedi Order for training at the urging of their grandfather, who had noticed their strong affinity for the Force. They were trained by Master Oolas, a friend and former companion of Calid. Their powers in the Force grew, and they became friends with a fellow student named Kel-Ma. Oolas believed that the friendship was a good sign that the future held much promise for the next generation of Jedi.[1]

Discovery of the darksphereEdit

"In a decision that would have stark consequences for millennia to come, the trio kept their discovery a secret."
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The darksphere.

In 25,732 BBY,[2] the three Jedi discovered an artifact from the Infinite Empire called the darksphere, a device that allowed a user to telepathically impart knowledge upon it that could later be telepathically shared with others. Adena, Dinara, and Kel-Ma chose to keep their discovery a secret, a decision which would prove consequential.[1]

It was not long until Calid and the other Jedi elders sent Dinara on a mission to convince settlers on an unstable world to evacuate the planet. The situation ended in violence, and Dinara was killed. Gripped with grief over his friend’s loss, Kel-Ma re-activated the darksphere and accessed its information, his darker emotional state acting as a battery for the device. He began to use the information in an attempt to reform the Jedi Order, blind to the influence the dark side of the Force had over him. Adena, mourning her sister and feeling betrayed by Calid and the elders for sending Dinara on the mission, was the first to fall prey to Kel-Ma’s words about the need for Jedi reform.[1]

The Cult and punishmentEdit

"It was decided by them that Adena be set adrift in a hyperspace stasis chamber for all eternity, aware of time passing but unable to ever awaken."
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The power of the sphere grew the longer it was activated, and Kel-Ma lost his control and influence over it. With it, he lost his control over Adena, who killed him and took the power of the sphere for herself. She had a stronger connection to it and an ability to probe deeper into its information, as if the sphere was able to speak to her and was aware of her. This was due to the knowledge and understanding of philosophies she learned from Calid, which Kel-Ma was never given. With this power and greater understanding, she formed the Cult of the Sphere that opposed the teachings of the Jedi Order—as well as a growing movement of Dark Jedi in the galaxy, one that was attempting to avoid the public perception that they were evil and bent on destruction.[1]


Adena is confronted by Mira and Calid on Tatooine.

As the Cult of the Sphere grew, a disciple that was envious of Adena’s power betrayed them and revealed the existence of the group to the Jedi Order and the Dark Jedi. Both sides saw the immediate threat to their ways, so they set aside their differences to put an end to the Cult. Adena and the cultists were traced to the Outer Rim Territories, where they fought the combined forces of the Jedi and Dark Jedi on Tatooine. The battle was clearly stacked against Adena, and she fled her cult and vowed to start anew. She was tracked down by Calid and Mira, whoever, who defeated her and took her into custody before Mira hid the sphere away in hopes that no one would find it again.[1]

Adena’s fate was left to the Dark Jedi to decide. They believed that Adena’s actions had fundamentally threatened their way, as they insisted that they were following an expanded view of the Force rather than an evil one. Their anger at Adena for undermining them resulted in the decision that she be set adrift in a hyperspace stasis chamber for all eternity, where she would be aware of the passage of time but be unable to ever awaken.[1]


"The Wardens brought together by Mira passed down their secrets from one generation to the next, lasting for thousands of years and waiting for someone to find their secrets and put them to good use. That time would not come for many millennia, but it would come."
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Adena drifts through space.

Although House Baatch’s reputation on Alderaan had already been damaged by Mira’s marriage to Khem, as he had been from the lesser House Kheldrommas and Mira had become pregnant out of wedlock, Adena’s actions inflicted a fatal wound on the family’s stature. House Baatch fell and was absorbed by the other noble houses, such as House Panteer and House Rist. What happened to Adena was lost from recorded history for many years, but the knowledge of it was passed down by Mira to a group she created called the Wardens, which protected the secrets of the darksphere from the rest of the galaxy.[1]

The hyperspace pod that Adena was locked into was meant to hold her for eternity. However, she later returned and made one final stand for power.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Due to studying with her grandfather, Adena had an understanding of a wide range of galactic knowledge and philosophical wisdom that other Jedi students did not. This knowledge was imparted upon her by Calid based on what he learned while exploring the galaxy in the aftermath of the Force Wars.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Adena was discovered to be Force-sensitive at an early age, and she was trained as a Jedi as a result of it. After the death of her sister, Adena was consumed with dark side emotions such as anger and guilt, which helped power the darksphere and its influence over her. Her understanding of galactic knowledge and philosophies intsenfied her ability to tap into the darksphere's power as well.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Adena Kheldrommas is a character created by Adena McDargh. Originally known as Adena Qel-Droma, the character was a principal part of Great Territorial War, the first role-playing timeline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. She was originally a Jedi Master during the Great Territorial War,[3] but she went on to become the Dark Lord of the Sith and Empress of the Sith Empire.[4] The character was not used in any further role-playing timelines, but she has gone on to become a significant part of the website's lore.[1]

The Adena Qel-Droma character was adopted into the story of the Alternative Star Wars Saga in 2006, when she was referenced as the Dark Lord and Empress in the earliest versions of Shadows of the Jedi: The Legend of Ussej Padric Bac.[5] She was also referenced in early versions of Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, and Brandon Rhea has said that she will appear as a main character in the Chronicles of the Great War series if it is ever written.[6]

Prior to the adoption of SWRP Lore: The First Legacies as part of the Alternative Saga, the character had been referenced as a Jedi Bendu Master during the time of the Jedi Bendu Schism who was cryogenically frozen due to her part in the schism. This was part of the backstory of the Ophuchi Clan,[7] though it contradicts the currently known information about Adena from The First Legacies.[1]


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