Alternative Star Wars Saga
41 BBY

Rise of the Empire era

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 3,612[1] After the Treaty of Coruscant (ATC)

Year 959[2] After the Ruusan Reformation

Facts and statistics

Duel in the Ophuchi sanctuary[3]

Important events

Birth of Annikin Skywalker[4]

The year 41 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a span of time during the declining days of the Galactic Republic. The year marked the birth of Annikin Skywalker, the supposed Chosen One, which took place around the time of a duel between Maul and Sarus in the sanctuary of the Ophuchi Clan on Tatooine.


In the millennia prior to the Invasion of Utapau, a number of prophecies were written on the walls of caves that later became part of the Ophuchi sanctuary, the headquarters of the Ophuchi Clan on Tatooine. One of these prophecies was the Prophecy of the Chosen One, which spoke of the coming of a savior who would bring balance to the Force.[3]

The galaxy in 41 BBY[]

Sarus, the leader of the Ophuchi Clan circa 22 BBY, believed that the unborn child of Shmi Skywalker, who was pregnant with her son, Annikin Skywalker, in 41 BBY, would become the Chosen One spoken of in the prophecy. Around the time of Skywalker's birth, Maul, a self-proclaimed Dark Jedi Master, attempted to kill Shmi Skywalker to prevent the birth of her child, but Sarus fought him off in a duel in the sanctuary.[5]


Nineteen years later, in 22 BBY, Maul, along with the Guardians of Lettow, attacked the Ophuchi sanctuary again. His goal was to locate and capture Annikin Skywalker, who had just been told of his supposed destiny, as Maul wished to aide Skywalker in what Maul believed was the boy's destiny to destroy the galaxy. Maul encountered Sarus again and tortured him, but Maul and the Lettow were eventually cast away by Ussej Padric Bac, the Shaman of the Order of the Whills.[5]


Notes and references[]

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