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1,000 BBY
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Year 0[2] Before the Ruusan Reformation

Year 0[2] After the Ruusan Reformation

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New Sith Wars[1]


Tarsus Valorum[1]

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The year 1,000 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a transformative span of time for the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order, and the Sith. The New Sith Wars ended with the defeat of the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness, leading the Jedi to believe that the Sith had been destroyed.[1] Darth Bane survived, however, and created the Order of the Sith Lords, with the Rule of Two as its guiding principle.[3]

When the war was over, Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum devised a series of fundamental reforms for the Republic, which he called the Ruusan Reformations. These drastic changes to the organization of the Republic were well received by the people of the Republic in the millennium that followed. One of the reforms called for the abolishing of a standing military for the Republic,though the government still maintained the Judicial Forces under the leadership of the Republic Judicial Department and the Galactic Senate.[1]


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